First, allow me to share that I’ve been using Verizon as my landline phone and internet provider for the past 14 years. And up until about 3 years ago, when I started having issues with losing my phone and internet service 3-4 times a year, I had always been happy with Verizon.

Many of you will probably remember that two years ago (and ironically in July), I had no phone or internet service for TWO weeks and required that Verizon pay me back by taking two weeks off my monthly bill. Which they did, but only because I insisted.

Since then, I still have times when I lose either my phone or internet service for a day or so, or lose them at the same time.

Last week I had another issue with losing my phone service. And since I don’t have a cell phone, I created a repair ticket online and was given a repair date of Tuesday, July 28th. Well, THEY NEVER FIXED IT. So, I called them on Wednesday from work and spoke to a service representative who said that the next available repair date would be on Sunday, August 2nd, to which I said, “No way, I’m not waiting until Sunday to get my service restore. Verizon said that someone would be out to fix my phone on Tuesday and they didn’t follow through. Therefore, for that terrible inconvenience, I think you need to send a repairman out to my apartment by TOMORROW or I will be looking for another service provider.”

The customer service representative agreed with me and said that he would do his best to send someone out on Thursday and that he apologized for the inconvenience.


I’ve been without phone service for a week, so can I just tell you how FED UP I am with Verizon?

Truly, over the past several years, Verizon’s service has gone quickly downhill. What used to be a very reliable and consistent company, has turned completely the opposite.

Even their My Verizon website has been an inconvenience lately because many times there are technical issues whenever I go there to check my emails. Also, it’s extremely SLOW to load.

Yes, I am at my wits’ end with Verizon and have only one thing to say…

Verizon…what a HUGE disappointment you are!
And you better start shaping up because you’re bound to lose a lot of customers.

Oh, and one more thing. I think it’s hysterical that Verizon had the nerve to send me a customer service questionnaire in an email; asking that I rate my repair experience with them.

And the first question was:

“How likely is it that you would recommend Verizon to a friend or colleague?”


And do you know what my answer was?

0 – not at all likely

Have a grrrreat weekend everyone!

Update (8/3): Just wanted to let you know that when I got home from work last night, my phone service was finally restored. Yay!  And it only took Verizon over a week to fix it.