Cluttered Space Needed To Get OrganizedWhile you would give anything for a squeaky clean house, you do not really want to do all that housework.  But you would want its occupants to feel safe from viruses and disease vectors. You would want to make it look more livable at least. You would want to feel at home.

If you just know how to maximize what little you have left in your schedule, and use the right housekeeping products, you can clean your house in no time.

If you really don’t have time for cleaning house, you may want to hire a housecleaner every now and then. You could easily build on what he or she started and just maintain your house’s cleanliness thereafter. However, a one-time general cleaner may be more expensive than a regular housekeeper.

You could always go solo, all for the price of vapor. Just follow these shortcuts to a clean home.

1. Clean as you go

It is best not to wait until all the dirt and clutter have pent up before you get down to work. Clean little but often. Otherwise, you’d be overwhelmed with the amount of accumulated mess you have to tackle. For one, water spots are harder to remove if you leave them to dry. Cleaning toothpaste on the counter is also difficult if you leave it for later.

2. Allow time for some cleaning products to kick in

If you want one-stop housecleaning, give some products time to work their magic. Pour cleaner into the toilet bowl at night before you sleep; you would find it easier to clean in the morning. The same goes for ovens with stains and burnt greases. Allow the cleaner to permeate the mess before wiping it away. Better yet, buy cheap oven liners (available in all sizes) to catch those pesky spills.

3. Keep dirt and dust outdoors

Put two mats on your doorway, one outside, the other inside. Outdoor dirt accounts for nearly all the dirt on your floors and carpets. As a preventive measure, you may ask occupants and guests not to enter the threshold with their shoes on. But be hospitable all the same; let guests choose from an array of flip-flops.

4. Replace air filter regularly

Every three months, change the furnace’s air filter.  Clean or new filters trap more dust and grime from the air and do not deteriorate too soon. What’s more, clean filters consume less power.

5. Cut back on clutter

Many things in your house, like old newspapers and obsolete desktop monitors, serve no other purpose than catching dust. Ditch them to free space and make housekeeping more bearable. If your clutter is comprised of uncompleted projects, e.g. important papers and unreturned purchases, set aside time every week to follow them up. Meanwhile, store away clutter of sentimental value inside boxes and special containers. That is, if they really are worth keeping.

6. Use hangers

Put clothes hangers or hampers in the bathroom and all the bedrooms. With these around, even the busiest busybody in the house would not throw their clothes on the floor.

7. Invest in good cleaning tools

If your cleaning tools weren’t so irksome, you may just find cleaning fun. Look around the market, which bursts at the seams with affordable, innovative cleaning products. Try them out even after you find something very practical. Also, don’t forget to buy basic cleaning tools as well as the multipurpose ones.

8. Store cleaning tools properly

You’ll find cleaning a breeze if you know where to look for your tools and products beforehand. Store them in various places around the house, near the places where they are usually used. Consider storing them in containers with handles so you can carry them wherever in the house. After you’re done cleaning, return them to their appointed places.

9. Make the vacuum cleaner work for you

Many people do not like using the vacuum due to its weight, among other reasons. If you are one of these people, never fret because the latest models are lighter and more sophisticated than ever. Many vacuum cleaners today are easier on your back, such as the lightweight canister units. If you plan to buy a new vacuum cleaner, check out units marked with “HEPA”. This means they have High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, which catch finer particles than their conventional counterparts.

10. Make the most out of the dishwasher

One of the more efficient ways to clean kitchens is using the dishwasher. Not only can it clean pans, it can also tackle parts of the refrigerator, from ice trays to shelves.

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