This has been one hell of a week here on the east coast; wrought with unnerving tension and worry. Truly, I’m emotionally exhausted because I spent the last four days deeply concerned about the people in my life (many of whom are bloggers) and trying to contact them through emails, phone calls and their blogs, just to see if they were okay. Also, my own family worried about me and called several times a day to find out if I was safe.

There are three blogger friends of mine who I’ve still not been able to contact, one of whom lives in Brooklyn, NY, which is practically underwater.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the east coast of the U.S. (particularly NY and New Jersey) were hit hard on Monday by Hurricane Sandy; losing not only power but lives as well. The aftermath of Sandy has been devastating.

I sat here all day Monday watching the Weather Channel online, as the culmination of a hurricane and nor’easter chewed up and spit out everything in its path.

Having lived in Florida for 20 years, I’ve been through four hurricanes, but none of them made me as uneasy as Sandy.

You have no idea how utterly blessed I feel to have not been directly affected by this hurricane because at one point as I watched the radar report on TV, it appeared to be heading DIRECTLY into Pennsylvania.

We experienced severe, icy cold winds and some rain from about 2 PM on Monday, until 10 PM that night. And because I am on a high-upper floor, the wind was blowing so hard against my windows, they shook. Luckily we never lost electrical power, but I’m amazed that we didn’t.

There are many things I learned from this experience.

It’s an odd feeling being cooped up inside by yourself, not able to go anywhere for over 24 hours because it forces you to focus on the moments at hand; realizing you have no control over a situation, so you just have to be still and wait it out.

As you know, I believe in the power of Universal energy (or call it prayer if you wish) and that it can be used to help not only ourselves, but others as well. I spent several hours throughout Monday, sending positive energy to those who were being severely affected by this hurricane in faith that it would do some good.

Also, I became acutely aware of how UNaware I take so many things for granted.

I wonder why it takes something like Hurricane Sandy to snap you into consciousness of the many things in your life to be grateful for?

And not only things like a roof over our head, electricity, running water, Internet and telephone service, but more so that we have family, friendships, good health, and are safe and alive.

I think because of what I’m experiencing with my beloved mother right now, in addition to Hurricane Sandy, I’ve been even more sensitive to gratitude.

We live in a world that relies so much on technology, that whenever it’s taken away it makes us feel extremely vulnerable because it seems as though we’ve lost everything. Yet, it’s ironic how in feeling vulnerable it brings us closer together in human contact because we see how much we need one another for support.

It changes our whole perspective on things.

Tuesday, as I walked around the deserted city of Philadelphia, watching shop owners and residents repairing the damage from Sandy, it hit me like a ton of bricks.


I ask through this post, that you each share energy, prayer, positive thoughts, and love with those who have been seriously affected by this hurricane because it’s going to take weeks and possibly months for these people to repair.

And please take a moment to reflect on all the things in your life to be grateful for.

Have a peaceful weekend everyone!