Sometimes I’m referred to as a “people snob.”

Yet, I honestly don’t feel I’m a snob, but rather someone who selects my close association with people very consciously.

My close friends come from various educational and work backgrounds, cultures, spiritual beliefs and sexual orientations. I enjoy being around people who are different than me because it makes our friendships interesting. I don’t need or expect others to be EXACTLY like me in order to have them as friends.

However, there are certain things I most definitely look out for in a friendship.

*People who are perpetually negative.

I realize that we all go through negative and challenging times in our lives, but I’m talking about those people who seem to thrive on being negative; who only wish to focus on what’s wrong and not right.

*People who are not afraid to take chances, grow and move forward, because they inspire me to do the same.

*People who mutually support and celebrate one another’s aspirations and accomplishments; without jealousy.

I love associating with people who are more experienced at things because I become inspired by their talents and LEARN. I can sincerely say that I’m not a person who has ever been jealous of anyone. Jealousy is one of the most debilitating energies because it’s like a poison that eats away at you.

*People who I admire for their outlook on life and trust their opinions; coming from a positive attitude.

I am very careful about who I ask advice. Very.

As most you know, I am quite sensitive when it comes to feeling energy; therefore I can almost immediately sense someone. A good gauge for me is whether I feel energized or tired being around someone. If I feel drained, then I intuitively know this is not an individual I want to be closely associated with.

I also watch how people treat other people, because they will often show their true colors to a stranger, rather than the person they’re trying to impress.

Truthfully, I would rather have two or three close personal friends, than twenty.

Yes, I’m very conscious about the company I keep, because…

Have a super Monday everyone!