Today I wanted to give you guys and gals an update on what’s going on with my mother.

Do you remember me saying in my post back in June after my mother got a clean bill of health, that she was going to get a checkup by her oncologist every three months to see if she was still clean?

Well, mid-September, we discovered that her cancer had returned.

A few weeks before she went in for her PET scan, my mother told me that she felt like it was back because she could sense something going on within her body. Her breathing was labored, she had aches and pains, and she was tired all the time. Also, her mind was unable to think clearly.

Overall, she just didn’t feel right.

During her consultation, my mother’s doctor advised her not to take chemo this time because it would only weaken her body; giving her less-quality of life.

She agreed.

Currently she is at home with hospice care, keeping her comfortable and seeing that all her needs are met. Gratefully she is not currently experiencing pain, so hasn’t needed much in the way of pain control medication. She is still able to care for herself in many ways and has not become totally dependent on hospice, other than a nurse visiting her twice a week to see how she’s doing. Down the road, when the time comes for her to require more care, she will either move into a hospice facility (the one in which my father was at) or have hospice at home 24/7.

Amazingly enough, she is able to go out with her girlfriends occasionally for lunch or dinner, and has even gone to the casinos in the evening for a little gambling (which she ADORES).

She has a tremendous amount of love, care and support around her right now in the way of my brother, family, and friends. She and I talk twice a day on the phone.

She has good days, and not-so-good days. She has apprehensive moments, and then moments when she just goes with the flow and embraces what is to be.

Right now we are taking each day as it comes; accepting what is in front of us. We speak opening and honestly about the reality of what is happening, as we walk through this journey together. We grieve, and yes, we even share many moments of laughter.

My mother was born with a very strong spirit, a spirit that has gotten her through many a tough time.

A spirit, I know, which will guide her through this transition because of her unshakable faith.

There is a great lesson in knowing that death is staring you straight in the face, and realizing that someone you love has limited time on the earth.

It makes you stare straight back at it, not allowing the sorrow to override the now moments of joy; knowing that the love we share will never die.

Because love is eternal.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend everyone!
And thank you all for your love, prayers, energy and support these past six months. It has helped my family and I to move through this experience with grace.