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Your hair, your crowning glory, is tied to your self-confidence and self-esteem. Parting with it leads to anxiety, stress, and, worst, depression.

Alopecia or hair loss can be traced to a myriad of causes, anywhere from pregnancy to chemotherapy to hormones. Males bear the brunt, as many are genetically shoos-in for baldness.

Sufferers splurge on both money and time in the quest for a cure – often in vain. Others give up, making do with wigs and headwear. Still others turn into recluses, afraid of being judged out in the open.

A new supplement promises dual-action solution to hair loss. Hår Vokse, formulated by researchers in Norway, has been tried and tested to restore hair fast and permanently. Hår Vokse can be used to treat conditions as trifling as thinning hair to out-and-out hereditary baldness.

Literally, Hår Vokse gives you nothing and everything to gain.

Hår Vokse – Two-Way Action

Har Vokse - Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss SolutionHar Vokse’s powerful solution works on two levels, arresting hair loss even as it stimulates regrowth, to make for a thicker, prettier mop. As such, Hår Vokse consists of two products.

First, the Har Vokse Protective Treatment Regrowth Spray imparts nourishment and cleanliness to the hair and scalp. It lessens inflammation and strengthens the hair follicles, promoting re-growth and preventing hair loss.

On the other hand, the Hår Vokse Hair Regrowth Supplement suppresses hair loss from within. It impels substantial growth of not just any hair, but shiny, strong, thick hair.

This two-step program stands head and shoulders above the competition. For maximum effect, use the spray and take the supplements in conjunction.

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Hår Vokse Formula

Har Vokse backed by doctorsStanford-trained biochemist and pharmacologist Erling Thom developed synthetic drugs for more than three decades before shifting his focus to all-natural medicines. In 2001, he led scientists in his native Norway in a study on the effects of fish proteins on hair loss. The findings of that study formed the basis of what is now known as Har Vokse.

Apparently, a protein complex known as marine polysaccharides, found in fish, holds so-called proteoglycans. These compounds were found to be able to control the profusion of skin cells. More importantly, they help regulate the exchange of epithelial-mesenchymal signals that control activity in the hair follicle. Proteoglycans can be found in every Hår Vokse product.

In addition, Hår Vokse contains l’cysteine and l’methionine, powerful amino acids that stimulate hair growth. L’cysteine alone can boost the metabolic capacity of keratinocytes in the hair.

Hår Vokse also has zinc gluconate, which averts regression of the hair follicle and speeds up its recovery. In fact, zinc gluconate supplements have been shown to improve symptoms in sufferers of alopecia areata. Conversely, alopecia is a sign of a zinc deficit.

In addition, strong antioxidants accompany every Har Vokse product. For one, it has grape seed extracts, known to be rich sources of reservatrol, an antioxidant that promotes blood flow to the hair follicle. Har Vokse also contains green coffee bean extract, bursting with antioxidants such as polyphenols. Green coffee, used in tandem with Centella asiatica, could influence hair growth according to a study from Glasgow University. Har Vokse contains Centella asiatica, which is used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

In addition Hår Vokse contains lavish amounts of vitamins C and E, which are highly functional antioxidants. Hår Vokse also contains vitamin B-complex, the lack of which has been linked to hair loss.

Har Vokse is clinically proven
A study published in the Journal of international Medical Research showed that 90 percent of those tested for Har Vokse demonstrated an average of 62 percent hair regrowth. These tests entailed intensive, double-blind placebo controlled studies.

Meanwhile, other hair restoration products make baseless, unscientific claims. When these products do work, the results are only awhile. The quality of the newly grown hair from these products is not a sight to behold, let alone permanent.

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Hår Vokse Usage

HårVokse’s formula fits various hair types and works on multiple levels of hair loss. To ensure optimum results, use the spray with the supplements regularly.

Spray and massage Har Vokse gently into damp hair twice a day. It may be styled as usual afterwards. Then take the supplement once or twice a day, at least thrice a week, depending on the progress of your hair growth. Take it before meals.

Results should manifest after 12 weeks at most, although some have reported seeing them within two weeks.

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Har Vokse Testimonial

Hår Vokse Side Effects

Har Vokse’s only side effects are a glowing complexion and stronger nails. It has no known adverse effects.

Diabetics can safely use Hår Vokse. Those with thyroid conditions can use it without a hitch too, since it is not a hormone product; it will not cause hair to grow in places where they are unwanted.

It is not contraindicated against contraceptive medicines too. Plus, you can use Har Vokse seamlessly with your favorite hair products. Moreover, you can easily segue from Minoxidil to Hår Vokse.

However, you must know that even though Hår Vokse can stop further hair loss and help grow new hair, it is no match for advanced phases of hereditary hair loss. Har Vokse also has mixed results on hair transplants. It works best on transplants that did not ruin the hair follicles in transit.

By the way, did we mention that celebrities also use Har Vokse to fix their thinning hair problem? Yes! They do…

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Har Vokse: Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Har Vokse obviates those expensive consultations with tricologists and hair clinicians. It is all you will ever need to regain hair. Shipped wherever you are, Hår Vokse can help restore hair in the privacy and comfort of your home.

It is definitely a revolution in hair restoration therapy. Hår Vokse will finally take away your need to cover up with toupees and wigs. Even more, it will keep your money intact from those exorbitant surgical transplants, with all their scars, inflammations, adverse effects, and constant maintenance.

With Har Vokse, your hair is indeed gone today – and back tomorrow.

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