It’s January and most people have probably already broken one of their goals but that’s okay because you can just start again.  It doesn’t have to be January 1 to start your goals.  One of the most common goals is seeking the best way to lose weight.

During the holidays especially, there are plenty of opportunities for overindulgence: lavish dinners, tantalizing treats, etc. Sometimes the lure can be difficult to resist – resulting in making a new year’s resolution to find the best way to lose weight.

By implementing a realistic plan that is the best way to lose weight, losing those holiday pounds – and even lifetime weight control – can be well within your reach.

So what is a realistic plan?  It’s a plan that is within your reach, something you can see yourself doing on a day to day basis.  You need to give careful consideration that you would give to any serious endeavor.  Many of you I am sure have heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

When considering the best way to lose weight, you may prefer to start with an exercise program and then add in the dietary changes. Or you may want to do it the other way around. If you’re really motivated, you may want to start both the exercise and diet segments simultaneously.  Yes, that’s right.  Exercise.  That does go hand in had with the best way to lose weight.

The first challenge we face in diet selection is committing to the discipline of thinking ahead instead of eating impulsively. So, start with something small and attainable.

Many health experts recommend fresh fruits and vegetables daily for a healthy life:
o 5 servings for children
o 7 servings for women
o 9 servings for men
o Add high quality protein to your diet
o Drink plenty of water

These are easy steps that you can accomplish today!

Exercise is the key to weight control. There is no way around it. However, exercise does not have to be a punishment; it can really be pleasurable. The key is to find something you enjoy. I recommend that you start with three forms of activity to prevent exercise boredom.  Add more activities every month. Get in the habit of participating in at least 30 minutes of activity every day.

There are basically two types of exercise:

* Aerobic exercise is defined as any activity that increases your need for oxygen. Aerobics make you breathe harder.

* Progressive resistance training is defined as any exercise where the load to the muscle is increased by some mechanical means – weights, bands, springs and many other methods. The key is to progressively increase the weight or resistance over time. This results in more lean body mass and less fat mass.

You need both types of exercise every week.

I am sure at this point you are saying, yes I have heard this – diet and exercise but I am still not able to lose weight and that’s why I am searching for the best way to lose weight.

Well, I am very excited to share with you something else that can help you – the missing piece of the puzzle.  I have walked in your shoes and I also was not able to lose weight and then it was this one extra component that I added to my routine that was the “tipping point” for me.

The company I work with has supplements that are backed by science and more importantly, it worked for me.  They actually have a 3 step system depending on what you are trying to accomplish and you can pick and choose what’s best for you but combined with diet and exercise, it was the best way to lose weight for me and IT WORKED!

Supplements are important in a healthy weight loss strategy. In many people they represent the critical difference between success and failure. However, you must always remember that they are supplements; they supplement a diet and exercise program. Use them wisely as an important part of your total wellness program.

The supplements are called Leanology and it supports the four stages of weight loss:

  • Energy and metabolism: Leanology Weight Loss Capsules help increase metabolism and energy to support your body’s ability to burn more calories at rest. Leanology Nutritional Shakes provide low-calorie, high protein energy to support healthy metabolism.
  • Cortisol and stress management: Cortisol is the stress-induced hormone that can lead to abdominal fat. Leanology Weight Loss Capsules help to limit cortisol production in your body. The focus here is to stop cortisol before it starts. Protein, such as those in Leanology Nutritional Shakes, can break the cortisol cycle once it starts – especially if taken first thing in the morning. Many physicians specializing in weight loss recommend a high-protein breakfast at 7 a.m. to regulate the cortisol cycle.
  • Appetite control: Leanology Appetite Control Chews help reduce the natural hunger signals in your body to minimize cravings. Leanology Weight Loss Capsules contain glucomannan and other botanicals to send a “full” signal to your brain.
  • Blood sugar control: Leanology Weight Loss Capsules focus more than half of their ingredients on blood sugar control. Leanology Nutritional Shakes taken between meals keep your blood sugar rock-solid. Leanology Shakes also help your body use the nutrients you eat as energy, rather than storing them as fat.

Finding the best way to lose weight is possible and within your reach. Follow these simple steps diligently – that’s the real key!  Also, take Leanology to “supplement” your weight loss program. And, don’t forget your supplements for foundational nutrition, because calorie restriction may often mean nutrient restriction. Weight loss is a metabolically intense journey and we need all the nutrients we can get to build healthy metabolism. Still, the goal is worthwhile and the progress is measurable day by day!

So if you’re interested in finding out more about what can help you for the best way to lose weight, go to:

Wishing you the best of health on your wellness journey.


Katherine Smith
Independent TriVita Affiliate Member #13158176