As you all know, I hate summer.

And I don’t mean dislike, or don’t prefer, or don’t enjoy.

I actually mean the word HATE.

No, wait, allow me to be more specific. I hate what the summer brings….HEAT. The type of heat that makes me feel as though I’m taking a 3 month sauna in HELL.

While most people are out dancing in the streets; exclaiming how wonderful it is to be summer, I am sheltering myself indoors like Count Dracula, peering through closed mini blinds; waiting until 9 p.m. for the sun to finally go down, so I can step out of my cool, dark coffin and begin enjoying my day.

Normally every year, I write one summer bitch post about how much physical torture I’m suffering at this time.

However, I’ve decided to focus on the positive side of summer this year, by sharing two things I love about this season.

#1 – The bountiful and delicious selection of fresh produce.

You should have seen me on Wednesday afternoon in Trader Joe’s. I was like a kid in a toy store, grabbing every cold, watery fruit and vegetable I could get my hands on.

I also discovered these adorable little Persian cucumbers that came in a six-pack.

I’ve never seen a cucumber that small before, except on a guy I once dated when I lived in Florida.

*you do the math

By the time I got to the check out counter, I looked like Farmer Ron with my grocery basket filled to the brim with produce.

For the past three days I’ve been predominately eating produce with my veggie burgers and some hummus, because when it’s this hot I have to eat light.

And let’s not even talk about all the H20 I’m drinking to replenish the fluid in body after sweating all day. I feel like a camel storing up water in both my humps.

#2 – Luigi’s Lemon Italian Ice.

I found this product at Super Fresh earlier this month and have become addicted.

It is to DIE FOR!

You have no idea how delicious and thirst-quenching it is on a super hot day. I sometimes enjoy it with lightly salted pretzels.


So, there you have it folks.

My summer semi-non bitch post, as I’m trying to focus on the positive side of this RETCHED-ASS season.

Didn’t I do fairly good?

However, I still can’t wait for this……….

Wishing you a super COOL weekend everyone!