Even if the most renown psychic predicted that one day I would be moving back to the northeast, I think I’d have to tell them they must be using a broken deck of Tarot Cards.

I was originally born here in Pennsylvania, then moved to Florida for 20 years, then moved back to the northeast 9 years ago.

When my family moved to Florida in 1973, I was ecstatic. I had always dreamed of living some place tropical, where the sun shined almost 24/7 and the cold harsh winters were void.

I became what you could call, a sun bunny.

I would sit on the beach for 5-6 hours, while lying on a silver mat that reflected the suns’ rays in order to keep my perpetual Malibu Ken tan.

(I currently have a Casper the Ghost tan)

I can honestly say that when my family moved to Florida, I had no intention of ever moving back to the northeast because I had found my nirvana.

Yet, it’s funny how things we feel passionate about will sometimes change. And then change again.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Florida. In fact, I remember it as being one of the most wonderful times in my life. Somehow moving to Florida brought me out of my childhood shell, where my personality came out of hiding and my creativity came into fruition. It was as if all that glorious sunshine caused me to internally blossom.

Florida was a very positive move for me, and I’m so grateful for it.

However, about 5 years before I left, I began to feel restless, tired, and stifled. I also became incredibly intolerant of the heat. My body seemed to go through a complete turnaround, where the constant sunshine and heat was physically painful.

Whenever I looked at photographs and movies that were shot or filmed anywhere in the northeast, I felt a deep sense of melancholy.

Of belonging.

So, in 2001 I moved back, and I‘m so glad I did. I’m crazy about the state of Pennsylvania, and the northeast in general.

I love it’s diverse terrain. It’s seasonal changes. It’s richness in history. The rawness of it’s cities.

Perhaps it’s simply because I was born in this part of the United States that I feel this way. Or perhaps it now reflects where I’m at internally.

I once read a book written by an astrologer, who claimed that every place in the world resonates with a particular kind of energy, and that we will sometimes feel a strong internal pull to that area, because the energy of that place resonates with our own personal energy.

And I believe that to be true.

I also believe that as we grow and change throughout our lives, different places will feed and nurture us with what we need at that time.

And for me, right now….it’s here.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend everyone!