now features 5 female models demonstrating the fit of all the lingere on the website. Visitors to the site choose which size model tries on their selection and can control the model walking forward and backward, turning and, in the case of sports bras, even jogging to ensure the most life-like online shopping experience.

They’ve got a good choice of great brands including Freya, Triumph, Wonderbra, Charnos, Gossard and Panache but this new way of presenting product really stands out. Myla’s Christmas campaign featured something similar, but in a more polished, less realistic way. Knicker Picker have it right with being able to see the true fit on a range of women’s sizes, not just the conventional lingerie model sized woman.

And for the guys, who often find lingerie shopping a tad uncomfortable, Knicker Picker provides a helping hand finding the perfect item for the wife or girlfriend with a useful ‘Boy’s Buying Guide’.

Definitely worth a look.