As most of you have probably already noticed, not only from my posts, but also from the comments I leave on your blogs….I have a serious love affair going on with exclamation marks.

Let me clarify by saying that it’s more of an addictive love affair.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m Italian, and that Italians like to talk with there hands, but using an exclamation mark when expressing myself through writing makes me feel like I’m using my hands to talk.

Yesterday, I left comment for someone on my previous post and when I went back to proofread it I noticed that every single sentence was completed with one of these….!


I swear to god, if there wasn’t such a thing as an exclamation mark on my computer keyboard, I don’t think I could even speak. Being a passionate person, exclamation marks give me a means to transfer that passion through my words.

I get so excited when leaving a comment that my adrenalin pumps through my veins at warp speed; grabbing my index finger and pulling it to the exclamation key like The North Magnetic Pole.

Whenever I go back to reread a comment I left for someone, I try to remove some of my explanation marks before publishing it, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it.

I’m seriously ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never been one to use punctuation or grammar in the supposedly correct way, because I truly feel it confines me. When it comes to the way I write, I’m totally irreverent.

You may have also noticed I enjoy using CAPS.

I know that caps are predominately used when someone is angry and yelling, but for me I enjoy using them whenever I get a zestful communicative ERECTION that needs to be shared.

One of my dear blogging buddies, Jeff and I, have a running joke with one another where he’ll leave me a comment, and in his P.S. closing will sometimes leave me a plethora of these (!) in fear I will run out of my allotted quota.

And what he doesn’t know is that I’m storing them away in an old shoebox for when the time may come if (god forbid) punctuation does away with exclamation marks.

But once I run out of those, I seriously think I won’t be able to blog anymore.

Because I won’t be able to speak……