1. Even if you don’t have time to clip lots of coupons, since most big supermarkets put their weekly specials online, log on before you shop.  Work your menu and shopping list around the sale items.  If you have more than one supermarket in your area, compare ads to see who’s got the best sales first.

2. When you order takeout from a major chain such as Domino’s, you can find coupon or promotional codes online.  Get Your Coupons Here to Save Big Now

3. Replace some expensive meat with vegetables.  Cook vegetable recipes a few days each week.  Buy lots of your favorite vegetables and be adventurous with new recipes.

4. If you’re lacking in both time and money, break out the slow cooker.  You load the ingredients in the morning before you leave, and when you arrive back home, you’ve got dinner.  Plus you’ll have enough extra to store in the freezer for next time you don’t really want to cook, and avoid spending money at a restaurant.

5. When you do eat out, save both money and calories by ordering an appetizer instead of an entree.  The appetizer portion will probably be satisfying enough.  Do this regularly, and the pounds and the spending will drop together substantially.

6. For a meal you eat regularly, like your morning yogurt with granola or your old faithful lunch sandwich, don’t buy it already assembled.  Put the ingredients together yourself.  And if you buy produce in season, it will be tastier and cost less.

7. Get a credit card featuring reward points.  Use it for the expenses you know you can afford to cover each month, like groceries and eating out.

8. Sign up for the supermarket’s customer discount card.  Some stores won’t give you the sale prices without it.  Get your card and use it every time you shop, so you won’t miss out.

9. Buy things in bulk.  Just be careful of which things you buy in bulk, so you don’t end up throwing them away.  If pasta and cereal are on sale, stocking up can be a great idea.  If yogurt is on sale, resist the urge to buy way too much of it.

10. Eat out at lunchtime instead of  eating out at dinnertime on occasion.  Have an informal date at noon, or get together with friends on the weekends for lunch instead of dinner.  Lunch specials are less steep than dinnertime prices.

11. If you enjoy baking, stock up on things like condensed canned milk, special spices, and chocolate morsels when they’re on sale during the holidays.

12. Do you make in-between trips to the supermarket, other than on your main grocery-shopping days, for things like bread and milk? Using a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart will help you to buy only what you need and keep you from impulsively picking up more items.

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