Well I survived my 6 day detox compliments of Nosh. They kindly allowed me to trial the service and I’ve been recording my thoughts over on The Style PA at Home. Here’s my verdict…


This service couldn’t really be more convenient, especially if you work in an office like me. Food is delivered each evening for the following day and each bag or bottle is labelled and identified in your menu for that day. At the beginning of the week you get a daily time line of what you should be consuming when and there is never long between meals or snacks so it’s quite easy to wait until the next bit of food. I was impressed with the freshness and quality of all the food, even though not all of it was exactly to my taste. I think it’s a good idea to be clear about your likes and dislikes to get the most from the detox. Most of the meals can just be popped in the microwave, it’s all been prepared for you.


Willpower is definitely required. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that this is the quick and easy fix, it will require some determination. However, once you get over the first 3 days, it’s plain sailing from there on in and actually I quite enjoyed it. You’ll get much more than your 5 a day and feel better as a result. If you start the detox with a bad headache rest assured that’s just your dependency on nasties found in your regular diet. My vice was caffeine but I’m so glad the detox forced me to cut down. There are a few extras you get with the food designed to help your body detox like teas, scrubs and supplements. The supplements take some getting used to… I suggest just hiding them in juice or soup.

Weight Loss:

You all want to know… how much weight did I lose? The answer is 4lb. Not bad for 6 days or willpower and yes, people can lose 4lb without resorting to a detox, but this was about more than losing a few lbs. It was more about giving myself a boost and stopping the cravings of all those foods that I eat without thinking and really shouldn’t.

Other benefits:

The main benefit is that I need less now to feel satisfied. I’ve switched from diet coke to caffeine-free diet coke. Still not totally virtuous, but a step in the right direction. I’ve also not eaten a chocolate bar or sweets for 8 days. That for me is an achievement. I find myself turning to food to treat myself all the time, and I’m rarely actually hungry. Treating the body like a dustbin is not a good idea, and although I won’t be giving up treats entirely, I’ll be a lot more conscious about what I’m eating and whether I really need it.

detox diet plan soupBroccoli soup

Post detox Diet:

I’m sticking to cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a dinner of protein, carbs and plenty of veg. I’m drinking about 2.5 litres of water a day and trying to only have one glass of caffeine-free diet coke. Let’s hope this helps me build on the loss from the detox and shift a few more pounds.