We’re all after budget beauty buys that really make a difference, right? Here are some of my must-have products to keep you looking lovely without breaking the bank.

body scrub beautyDead Sea Magik Salt Brushing

After my recent pampering I’m making a concerted effort to do more of it at home too. The occasional salt scrub can do wonders for skin tone and appearance and I’ve stocked up on a few of the Dead Sea Magik Salt Brushing sachets. It’s a best seller and I’ll tell you why. The scrub uses dead sea salts with coconut oil and vitamin E which not only invigorate the skin they provide deep hydration too. Use it on dry skin, rubbing in a circular motion and enjoy the fab citrus scent. Regular use could see cellulite decrease and it has great detoxifying properties which are always welcome.

beauty cosmetics mascaraNo. 7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara – Boots – £11.50

First thing to say is that for some reason this product is not rated very highly on the Boots website, and I just can’t understand it. I nearly always buy No. 7 mascara and whenever i stray to another brand I’m disappointed. This latest launch at Boots works perfectly. The square brush is different but by no means difficult to use. You get lots of mascara on with one swipe and it’s not too runny or lumpy, which are my two mascara pet peeves. Save up your points and get yourself some I say.

beauty cosmetics foundationBarbara Daly for Tesco Oil-Free Foundation – Tesco

It took me years to find a foundation that I liked and one which matched my skin tone totally. I now always buy the Barbara Daly foundation in almond. I apply just around the eyes, chin and between the brows to tackle any unevenness in tone. The fluid is light and subtle while still covering those problem areas. They’ve recently revamped the packaging, added a sunscreen and ramped up the price by over £1. Luckily the formula hasn’t really changed so I’ll be forking out the extra quid. Far easier than starting my foundation hunt all over again.

What beauty products have you been using lately? Let us know in a comment below…