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The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’s is launching an unprecedented “World Pink Mosaic” on October 1, 2009 – the centerpiece of its 2009 global online effort — to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In keeping with the theme of the Company’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: “World Pink. World Without Breast Cancer.™” the […]

As an advocate of regular dental care, 1-800-DENTIST® understands that many people can’t afford the dentistry they need. That’s why the nation’s leading free resource for consumers in search of a dentist has launched a nationwide $30,000 smile makeover contest called “My Smile Bites”. To enter, contestants must upload a personal video showing what’s wrong […]

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Top 10 Bizarre and Strange Eating Habits

Sampling different cuisines or indulging in favorite dishes, people simply love to eat. For some, it may mean an all out vegetarian fare while some may prefer an occasional rare steak. Then there are some for whom food may mean completely different things, things that the majority of us will consider the last thing to […]

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Making Your Breath Fresher Than a Sea Breeze

When it comes to bad breath, most of us have a story to tell. You ever had an acquaintance whose breath could make you eye twitch. You hold your breath for so long to avoid inhaling the unpleasant smell emanating from their mouths since looking away would be rude. If that is you or a […]

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Make The Lice Go Bye

Lice. A disgusting topic to talk about but one we have to highlight nonetheless. It is like being behind the wheel; you have no control of all the other people around you, but you can stop yourself from running them over. Lice, you should know are not picky. Whether you take five showers a day […]

Diversity in nature is so amazing there are more than 10 million different species that inhabit the earth and only about 20 percent of these have been discovered.  Biodiversity is the foundation of all our needs, from food, shelter, clothing, to medicine.  The potentials found in nature’s diversity are great, but so are the awful […]

I know most parents might think that this is the most ridiculous thing judging from just how tough it can be but don’t give in just yet. You probably want your kids to make the best food choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their life right? Grocery shopping is a great way to ensure […]

Posted on 30 Oct 2009 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

6 Healthy Foods For Every Woman

Certainly there is no shortage of advice on nutrition and healthy eating but with all the media hype surrounding many “health foods,” it can be hard for a woman to tell the nutrients from advertising ploys. Women are sometimes led to believe that a specific food is healthier than it really is or that they […]



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