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Posted on 23 Oct 2012 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

Pertussis – Whooping Cough

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is an infectious condition characterized by pronounced coughing. Sometimes lasting for months, whooping cough can worsen into pneumonia or, due to sheer intensity, cause injuries on the ribs. Often affected are premature babies and sexagenarian adults, although anyone of any age can suffer from the condition. Whooping cough usually […]

‘Baby geniuses’ and autistic individuals may have something more in common than you think, study shows. Child prodigies, youngsters who demonstrate cognitive gifts beyond their years, may be autistic. This is the stunning contention of researchers from Yale University and Ohio State University in a study recently published in the journal Intelligence. The researchers also […]

A vagina that has slackened or loosened up due to aging and childbirth can qualify for a vaginoplasty, a tightening procedure. It is often done along with labiaplasty, a surgical procedure on the labia or “lips” of the vagina. Labiaplasty alters the form and size of the labia, usually shrinking them or rectifying asymmetrical issues […]

We all want hair on our head and keep it for life; mostly everything else, we shave off or wax. But shaving, waxing, and all these rituals make for a very irksome tedium. It is a great breather then to finally have a hair growth inhibitor fit for the Greek gods. Stop Grow by Skinception […]

Posted on 16 Jul 2010 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

Eating Right And Healthy During Sickness

Eating can be such a tall order when you’re down with the sickness. Sometimes all you want to do is throwing up whatever you ram in your mouth. Diseases, especially the chronic ones, can undermine your appetite. People with cancer, for example, do not feel hungry all the time. Those who are clinically depressed may […]

Posted on 16 Jul 2010 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

10 Faster House Cleaning Tips

While you would give anything for a squeaky clean house, you do not really want to do all that housework.  But you would want its occupants to feel safe from viruses and disease vectors. You would want to make it look more livable at least. You would want to feel at home. If you just […]

Posted on 16 Jul 2010 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

Helpful Strategies To Burn Fat

We get at a certain age when no matter how hard we exercise or no matter how strictly we impose a special diet regimen on ourselves, we just can’t seem to lose that unsightly muffin top or that annoying pot belly.  Sure, we’re losing some of our excess weight.  We may feel healthier and younger.  […]

Posted on 16 Jul 2010 In: Health, life, lifestyle, money

5 Uncommon Causes Of Weight Gain

You indulge in a diet of fast food, luscious desserts, alcoholic beverages, and sweet sodas, you gain weight.  You eat more calories than you actually burn, you gain weight.  Weight gain is a simple science.  You decide to live a healthy lifestyle, to exercise regularly and to control your calorie intake.  But you still gain […]



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