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Perfume making has a long history, dating back thousands of years to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, perfumes were made from macerating exotic botanical materials such as flower petals, plant seeds, tree bark, fruits, plant roots and leaves, mixing them with natural gum and resins and soaking them in a fat or oil base. The […]

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Easily Share the Benefits of Reiki With Others

Reiki is an ancient healing practice, combining two Japanese words Rei and Ki, which together mean Universal Life Energy. Rei, represents the all-knowing or wisdom, and Ki, the unseen non-physical energy. Essentially, Ki is our spirit. Ki is obtained from the food we ingest, from sunshine, sleep and the air we breathe. The combination of […]

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Eco-Friendly Products Review and Special Offer!

In this post I’m reviewing a few eco-friendly, unique but practical green products from the company myEarth360. My readers are also being offered a special discount on their website. myearth360 was born after owner, Lynn Hasselberger witnessed the waste produced when disposing of purchased bottled water. She discovered we toss out enough water bottles in […]

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and has an important role in helping to maintain our overall health … but it may be starving for oxygen. It’s also the first line of defense against the harshness of the environmental factors we encounter everyday. In addition, our skin acts as a filtration system by eliminating […]

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Contact Form Your Name: Your E-Mail Address: Your Website or Blog: Message/Comments: essensu … We Bring The Garden To Skincare

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Exactly What Are You Putting On Your Skin?

What Does “Natural” Mean To Us? Our holistic skincare line is formulated with therapeutic concentrations of plant based and naturally derived ingredients. We don’t use sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, synthetic dyes or coloring, petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, harsh chemicals, fillers, fewer to no phthalates, in addition, we only use gentle preservatives and product is […]

Posted on 30 Oct 2009 In: Health, Natural

Vespa Blogger Friendship Award Thank you Corinne from for the following award. I’m truly grateful for your kindness. I enjoy your blog as well, and am delighted to be a blogger friend. In turn, I would like to award the Vespa Blogger Award Friendship (award) to the following people who have shared their friendship […]


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