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Posted on 10 Jan 2014 In: Health, life, Style

Homosexuality: By Birth Or Choice?

My buddy Mark over at Mark My Words, shared a very open and honest post about a discussion he and his wife had with family members and their friends over the holidays, which partially included the topic of homosexuality being a choice. So I owe my inspiration for this post to Mark, because he sparked me […]

Posted on 9 Jan 2014 In: Health, Natural

Avocado Olive Spinach Salad

Characteristics This is an excellent salad for the colder months of the year when we benefit from more fat (but always healthy and quality fat) in our diet. It is a richer type of salad that is very filling and zestfully delicious. It is equally as dense with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and […]

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 In: Health, life, Style

All For A Bottle Of Wine

Whatever possessed me to go the wine and spirit store at 4 PM on New Year’s Eve is beyond me. I should have gone the day before, but nooooooo, I went when every other person in this city decided to go. Allow me to interject here that Pennsylvania is a strictly regulated state when it […]

Posted on 3 Jan 2014 In: Health, life, Style

Winter Photograph Share

The old stock exchange building in Society Hill, Philadelphia First, I would like to thank everyone who submitted a photograph for this theme. And what I love about these photographs is the variety. For those of you who missed this photo share, I will be sharing more in the upcoming year with different themes. So […]

What Science Has Learned About Willpower and Self-ControlPerhaps your resolve for 2014 is to quit smoking, improve your diet, drink less alcohol, become more physically active, or to break some other bad habit. However, we all know sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be hard. After all, temptations are everywhere, and bad habits can […]

Posted on 30 Dec 2013 In: Health, life, Style

My Deliciously Edible Christmas Present

As you know, I love sweets. And as you also know from a previous post, I love the combination of dark chocolate and peppermint. So you can imagine how excited I got when one of the girls I work with brought in a homemade, sweet Christmas treat, which she gave to several of her fellow-employees. […]

Posted on 29 Dec 2013 In: Health, life, Style

It’s a fabulous night for some faux fur

  Boy has the temperature finally dropped! Before heading out today I stumbled upon a pair of boots that I love but have not worn all winter. The lace-up boots pictured top left are by Tamaris* and feature special technology in the soles to improve comfort. They also feature a faux-fur trim that matches my new […]

Posted on 27 Dec 2013 In: Health, life, Style

Photo Share: Winter

Sparrows in the snow Hi folks! Time for another photo share, and this theme is going to be WINTER. Yeah, I know most people think I’m a wackadoodle for enjoying winter as much as I do, but what can I tell you, I love it! For me there is a breathtaking beauty that winter provides–the […]



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