Dear ,When Jon Schoenherr turned 17 he knew he was going to enlist in the U.S. Army.But when he showed up a sergeant gave the 17-year-old some surprising news.He said he would have to lose 50lbs to qualify!It sounds shocking, but this is one of the biggest threats to US Service men and women
isobesity!Thousands of troops are struggling to lose weight, and thousands have been booted out of theservice in recent years because they couldn’t.“This is quickly becoming a national security issue for us. The pool of recruits is becomingsmaller,” said Col. Gaston Bathalon, an Army nutrition expert.However,
rumors have it that the US Military could be looking into an all-natural solution that literally blasts away fat from your fat cells.As you can imagine, military types don’t have much patience for months long exercise and diet programs.They need something that works and works fast.The good news is this solution is already on the market.It was created by my friend
and colleague Derek Evans who found a way to “tweak” human fat cells so they are forced to give up their excess fat.The same fat they normally store on your hips, thighs and belly.Here’s where you can get it, but I would hurry before the US Military makes the call to scoop up what’s available.Kind