Okay, did you all just keel over and hit your head on the floor from shock when you read that post title?
But it’s absolutely true…yes, I FINALLY have a cell phone. 
And do you want to know why I finally purchased a cell phone? 
Well, because when I was in the hospital back in October, I didn’t have (or even thought to bring) my phone book with everyone’s phone number. And since I don’t memorize phone numbers anymore, I couldn’t call anyone to let them know what happened to me and where I was. The only two phone numbers I had (which incidentally were in my wallet) were my place of work and my brother Tom. Yes, I’m ashamed and utterly embarrassed to say that I don’t even have my work number or my brother Tom’s phone number memorized. 
And more than being concerned about my health, I was concerned with people calling my apartment; not being able to get in touch with me and wondering where I was because I wasn’t calling them back. For TWO WHOLE WEEKS.
I kept calling my voice mail from the hospital, using the phone in my room to pick up messages. Which had me even more upset because I got a repeat message from my dear friend Marge (Hi, Marge!), asking if I was okay because I hadn’t called her back or responded to her email. I was very concerned and worried about how concerned and worried she was over me. It was so frustrating because I had no way of calling her back.
It was then that I said to myself, “As soon as I get out of this hospital, I’m marching my ass into a cell phone store and purchasing one.” And sure enough, that’s what I did. Not 20 minutes after I was released from the hospital, I walked into an AT&T store (with my hospital identification wrists bands still on my wrists) and bought this Go Phone.
Now please don’t laugh when you see it because, well, it’s a flip phone…

Oh, hush up! I can hear you all laughing from here.

Now give me some credit, at least it’s a cell phone. It reminds me of the first cell phone I ever got (in the early-90’s). Back then very few people had a cell phone, so I felt special.

And OMG…you should have seen how everyone at my job reacted when I told them that I had a cell phone. The were ELATED. And then you should have seen how they reacted when they saw it was a FLIP PHONE. They looked at me as if I were Wilma Flintstone, who had just been transported from the stone age…

But hey, they were still very happy that I HAD a cell phone now.

Anyway, as soon as I got home with my new Go Phone, I immediately entered the names and numbers of my friends into my Contacts so that I would have them there, just in case of another emergency and needed to contact them.

And I have to admit, after not having a cell phone since the early-90’s, I really liked having one again.

About a month later though, when it came time to place more money on my Go Phone account, I kept eyeing the Smartphones in the showroom and thinking, “Do I dare upgrade to a Smartphone so that I can have access to Internet service and a touch screen?” Because even after having a basic cell phone for only a month, I was already getting sick and tired of how long it took to type a text message on the keypad.

So, do you know what I did?

Yup…I found a Smartphone at a great price (an Android) and upgraded my Wilma Flintstone phone to this…

Don’t ya just love the cushioned faux leather carrying case? I got it at Five Below (a discount store that sells everything at $5.00 and below). I only paid $5.00 for it!

Here is my new phone peeking out of the case.

Powered by Android

Background wallpaper and clock

And it was such a hoot to see my blog (for the very first time) on a Smartphone screen.

Yes, I have to admit…I am sooooooo loving my new mobile phone!

However, there is one thing I need to work on because I’m having MAJOR issues. You see, I find that my fingertips are too wide to type on the touch screen; therefore, I keep pressing the wrong letters/numbers and spend most of my time screaming four-letter obscenities at the phone.

So please folks, tell me that texting does get easier.

Have a maaaahvelous Monday, y’all!