So much has changed since I started blogging back in 2007. The world of blogging has changed, I’ve changed and what people want to read has changed too. When I started out, blogging was a fun way to fill my time between university lectures, but lately, trying to fit even a simple few blog posts in has become a challenge. So, even though it’s been a blast, I’m taking a break.

My blog has taken me from Paris to Berlin, and beyond. I’ve met amazing people, made lifelong friends and had so many great adventures. Now though, I’m shifting my priorities. Spending more time with family and friends, being more active, and getting away from my computer whenever I can are high on my new agenda. After all, London is one of the most awesome cities in the world and there’s still so much of it I’ve yet to explore.

I’ll still be pinning, tweeting and Instagramming. I’ll probably even keep The Style PA Facebook page going for now, starting with a few updates from the blog archives, but it’s time to put the blog to bed.

Thanks to you, my readers, for your time, comments and general awesomeness.