The old stock exchange building in Society Hill, Philadelphia

First, I would like to thank everyone who submitted a photograph for this theme.

And what I love about these photographs is the variety.

For those of you who missed this photo share, I will be sharing more in the upcoming year with different themes.

So without further ado, I give you…Winter!


Mark from Mark My Words: “Winter in the Columbia Gorge. This is Horesetail Falls during a recent cold spell.”

Jaffer Maniar from “This was taken last week when we had the big freeze. Everything was covered in ice: Including these ropes and clothespins.

Dale Cooper from Diary of an Internet Nobody: “A giant snowball that was left on a footpath in Rock Park in Barnstaple a couple of years ago, it’s about five foot across. Took nearly a week to melt.”

Rob from Luna Park Gazette: “This is a sign that a co-worker actually put on her door.”

Angelia from Angelia’s Photography: “One of the “great” winter storms of my time. Yes, really. Record breaking snowfall in our North Texas town. It is one of my most favorite times out taking photos.”

Mel from Mels Dream: “This was Friday morning down the road…..and no, I didn’t get to hobble into the snow. I’m a workin’ woman and I was already pressing getting to work on time.”

Bijoux from Bytes From the Burbs: “This winter photo combines two things that get on my nerves: deer and snow.”

Debbie from Musings by an ND Domer’s Mom: “I know this doesn’t look “wintery,” but this is what a Southern winter looks like! Notice the leaves still on the magnolia tree at right and the grass still sort of green! This picture was taken just the other day from Gulfport, MS.”

Jean from Jean Has Been Shopping:  “Winter in Arizona (bougainvillea).”

Secret Agent Woman from Blogging Incognito: “I took this one in my front yard last winter – a dogwood branch with the buds encased in ice – I like it as a reminder of the Spring that lies within the Winter.”

Valerie From Photo A Day Blog:  “i only drink hot chocolate in the winter and when i do i always top with whipped creme.”

Again, thank you everyone! And if you haven’t already done so, please visit these blogs because they’re really COOL people!

Have a wonderful wintry weekend y’all!

P.S. It snowed here in Philadelphia last night (and heavy), so we’re covered in it.