Sparrows in the snow

Hi folks! Time for another photo share, and this theme is going to be WINTER.

Yeah, I know most people think I’m a wackadoodle for enjoying winter as much as I do, but what can I tell you, I love it!

For me there is a breathtaking beauty that winter provides–the barrenness, the rawness, the monochromatic color.

I also love how everything slows down in winter; bringing with it a sense of reflection, quietness and stillness.

A hush.

Yup, I find immense pleasure and splendor in winter.

So in honor of this season, I invite you to submit a photo depicting a winter scene. It can be a landscape, cityscape, or people photo–so long as it has to do with winter.

Guidelines for submitting a photo (please read carefully):

-This photo share is open to anyone who reads my blog.

-Submit only ONE photo that you’ve chosen (I request that you don’t send 2-3 and ask that I choose).

-Your photo should be no wider than 540 pixels (please resize before sending). You can resize your photo here.

-Include your name (real name or blogging name) and your blog title and URL, so that I can credit your photo and link it back to you.

-You are more than welcome to share a photo with your watermark on it.

-Also, feel free to add an overlaying title or quote to your photograph. Be as creative as you wish!

-Deadline for submission is Wednesday (January 1st) by midnight.

I will post ALL photos, but may have to publish them on two separate posts. I will post them in the order they are received.

You will find my email address on the contact page below my header.

Feel free to ask any questions in your comments.

So don’t be shy, send in your photo of WINTER!

Central Park, New York City

Have a warm and cozy weekend everyone!

Update: The photographs can be from any kind winter from anywhere in world. They don’t have to have SNOW in them. So if you live in the south, west, or even some place tropical, feel free to submit a winter photograph from where you live. Thank you…x