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It’s the first weekend of the summer and I’m looking forward to
getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather. The last thing I
want to do is spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner, so I
have collected a few quick and easy recipes to make this weekend.
Before I get to those, I have a fantastic secret recipe for
rigatoni alla vodka that can be made in under 20 minutes.
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New Secret Recipe

Rigatoni alla Vodka
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Butter
1/4 finely chopped Onion
2 cloves chopped Garlic
handful Parsley, chopped
8 slices Italian Pancetta
6.5 ounces Tomato Paste
6.5 ounces Whipping Cream
2 ounces Vodka
1 lb. rigatoni Pasta
Black Pepper
Pasta preparation:
Boil Water and add Salt
Add Pasta and cook uncovered until done for about 8 minutes.
Cook pasta al dente meaning firm to the bite
Drain and toss in the sauce right away.
Sauce preparation:
Preheat Pan for about 1 minute.
Heat Olive Oil and Butter on medium for about 1 minute.
Add Onion and cook until golden brown for about 2 minutes.
Add Garlic and Parsley and cook for about 1 minute.
Add Pancetta and cook for 2 minutes.
Add Vodka and wait to evaporate for about 2 minutes.
Add Tomato Paste and cook for about 3 minutes.
Add Cream and wait to bubble about 3 minutes.
Add cooked Pasta and blend for about 2 minutes.
Serve right away.
Optional: Decorate with a Parsley Leaf

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Source – Cucina, Vini and Castelli
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