Many parents pin their hopes on the so-called ADHD diet in improving their children’s brain function and reduce symptoms of the said condition, e.g. restlessness and inattentiveness. If you or your kid has ADHD, this regimen may encompass food and supplements you are already comfortable with.

This diet was created in the view that certain food and ingredients may aggravate ADHD symptoms; the diet eliminates such substances and promotes others. Apart from food, the ADHD diet is typically comprised of supplements designed to offset nutritional deficits that may galvanize symptoms. Your ordinary diet alone may not be able to supply optimum amounts of such nutrients.

Scientific rationale

ADHD diets have divided experts, some of them believing that they could only do so much to relieve the condition’s symptoms. Many nutritionists nonetheless stress that certain food work well on the brain, i.e. take the edge off ADHD symptoms.

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Items on an ADHD diet may include high-protein fare such as meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and beans; omega-3 fatty acids like those in olive oil and coldwater white fish; and complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables.

Protein is highly suggested for breakfast and in-between meals to improve concentration at school and bring out the potency of ADHD drugs. Meanwhile, complex carbs are suggested for dinner as it is a great impetus to sleep.

Nutritional Supplementation

Omega-3s are also available in supplement form. Dietitians recommend ADHD sufferers to take omega-3 supplements in addition to vitamins and minerals. This advice is all the more poignant because many kids and adolescents do not balance their diets. But since symptoms of ADHD symptoms differ widely, coordinate with your doctor before availing of supplements.

What to discard

Reduce your intake of simple sugars. Repeat culprits include candies, corn syrup, table sugar, and white flour. All in all, knowing what food to eliminate is a matter of trial and error. If you find symptoms receding after putting off certain substances, continue avoiding them.

Recent research has corroborated a study in the 1970s that associated artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives to hyperactive behavior among kids. Today, pediatricians are wont to discourage children with ADHD from eating preservative-laden and artificially colored food. Also, ADHD kids should stay away from food with aspartame, nitrites, monosodium glutamate.

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But while candy and other sweet treats cause kids to ramp up activeness, they do not in themselves cause ADHD. Sugary items should still play a role in any diet, albeit a reduced one.

More progressive studies even found that a little caffeine can improve symptoms of ADHD in kids. Then again, caffeine’s side effects may supersede any advantage. Pediatricians would probably tell you or your child to avoid caffeine altogether.

Putting together an ADHD diet

If you or your child has ADHD, talk with a doctor first. He or she can request special tests designed to gauge brain function. Afterwards you can follow a well-planned diet under his or her supervision. Besides, an ADHD diet may require supplements that need doctor’s prescription.

Be sure to stay for the entire duration of the diet, which usually takes a month at least. Stay long enough to see changes; bail if you don’t. Record the effects of this modified diet in a journal and show it to your doctor.

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Adequate sleep (a minimum of seven hours) and regular physical activity (30 minutes three to four times weekly) should go well with your new eating regimen. Meditation, to say nothing of deep breathing and relaxation techniques, also goes a long way toward a calmer, more attentive you.

Making informed decisions would not only mitigate you or your kid’s suffering. By being more accurate in appraising medications, treatments and diets, you would have a better chance at defeating ADHD. By the look and smell of it, the ADHD diet is something that would fit snugly in any healthy lifestyle.

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