This is a matter you need to be concerned about right now. Today. Before, the FDA takes us through a door of no return. The FDA is set to make a decision soon regarding the approval of GE (genetically engineered) salmon, called AquaAdvantage, produced by the company AquaBounty. How appetizing does lab produced GE salmon sound to you? Well, your preference won’t matter if the FDA approves Frankensalmon. Grocers won’t be required to disclose whether you’re buying real salmon, or the genetically engineered, super-fast growing Frankenfish.

This approval by the FDA would also set the stage for potential environmental disaster. Profit margins always seem to trump any potential dangers in these decisions, whether is concerns big Pharma, big ArgraCulture, or GMO foods.

What is so alarming? AquaAdvantage salmon would be the first genetically modified animal introduced into our food supply, and our environment. Is AquaAdvantage salmon more nutritious? No! Will GE salmon benefit consumers in any way? No!

Follow the Money

Once again, the only argument for GMO foods is increased profits. The benefits are only derived for the companies developing and peddling them. They profit while the public and our environment shoulder the risk. Here’s the scenario if GE salmon is approved: create GE fish in a lab, send them to a fish farm, where these fast growing fish mature in half the time, then to your dinner plate.

AquaAdvantage salmon are designed to grow five times faster than normal salmon. This means they’ll get to the market in half the time. Again, more profits for AquaBounty. What about the fish that don’t make it to market? 

What About the Environment?

What happens if some of the GE fish find their way into the wild? What if they reproduce? Apparently, AquaBounty scientists have tweaked the genes of AquaAdvantage salmon to make them sterile, but they admit some of the fish will produce fertile eggs. What might happen if these Frankenfish reproduce with normal salmon? Hmm, no one knows. But, there is potential for environmental chaos.

Perdue scientists created a computer model to anticipate the outcome if 60 GE salmon were released into a population of 60,000 normal salmon. Within just 40 fish generations, the normal fish population was completely extinct! Gone forever.

Canadian scientists also conducted an experiment. They created GE fast-growing salmon and released the fish in a tank with normal salmon. Nothing unordinary happened until researchers decreased the food supply. The GE fish went wild. They began to cannibalize other fish – both GE and normal. The population crashed, and again, complete extinction.


If AquaBounty’s GE salmon is approved, this could become an environmental disaster, and lead to the the loss of a valuable source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It will be impossible to rebound from such devastation, if it did occur. As one fish and forestry expert said, “Once fish escape, there’s no going back.”

In addition, with little notice, on the Friday before Christmas, the FDA released an environmental assessment of genetically engineered salmon. They announced the approval of this Frankenfish will not have a significant impact on the U.S. environment. Disaster averted? Hardly. The agency is being coy. AquaBounty would raise the fish in Panama – 1,000 miles south of the Florida Keys. So, no, there won’t be a “significant” impact on the U.S. environment. Again, what disregard for our environment as a whole.

What Are the Potential Health Risks of GE Salmon?

Beside GE salmon having no nutritionally advantage, here are a few potential health risks from eating AquaAdvantage salmon, as reported by GE expert Jeffrey Smith:

  • Cancer – due to higher levels of a hormone that has the potential to promote cancer
  • Increased exposure to antibiotics
  • Allergens – which may be life-threatening to some people

Michael Hansen from the Consumers Union reviewed the FDA data. He’s concerned because the FDA hasn’t adequately researched the potential for allergic reactions. He also noted AquaBounty conducted allergy tests with only six AquaAdvantage fish. But even with that absurdly small number, researches did find an allergy-causing potential.

What’s the take on this data by the FDA? They claim regardless, the fish are safe to eat. Business as usual from an agency designed to protect consumers.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

There’s not much time to let your voice be heard before the FDA makes their final decision. Again, if the FDA approves AquaAdvantage, it will be the first approval of a GE farm animal. Once we go there, there is no going back, regardless of the consequences, or the outcome. Let the FDA know we shouldn’t cross this line without exhaustive independent research.

There is only a short window of opportunity to speak up. The FDA has opened up a 60-day comment period. It’s our one and only opportunity to let the FDA know we can not allow Frankenfish into our food supply and environment. Click this link now to have a voice in this decision:                     AquaAdvantage Being Considered For Approval by the FDA

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