Online Marketing Explainer VideosAn explainer video is also known as an overview video. That is, it gives your prospects the gist and nitty-gritty, in audio-visual form, of your product, service, company or website.

Your brand would be so much the better off if you embed an explainer video on the home page of your site. Of course, you would do just fine with only images and text on the page. But potential clients are known to be drawn to moving images, as they showcase your ingenuity and creativity.

There are plenty more benefits than you know to getting an explainer video produced. A few of them include:

1. Increase in conversions

With the help of an explainer video of decent enough production values, your site can rivet the attention of visitors – even after the video has ended.Viewers of an explainer clip tend to linger longer around the site in search for more info. At some point, visitors find what they are looking for and effectively transform into paying customers.

2. Attention-grabbing

Harried as people are, they need their information dispensed quickly. For many, reading sucks too much time. Since most people are visual animals, a nifty explainer video would surely last your visitors’ attention span.

3. Easy-to-follow

Your visitors are likely to fare better at following something if it is visual than textual. Leverage the power of video to enlighten customers about your product, service or brand as a whole. Your visitors would consume the clip easily and understand you better.

4. Improved elevator pitch

Do you know what’s better than an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch in video. Use explainer videos to get your elevator pitch across to tens of thousands of potential clients and customers. They might just reciprocate positively.

5. Share-ability

Social nets like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus take kindly to press releases that contain explainer videos, compared with those composed strictly of text.

Don’t forget that millions of people sift every day through the vast video repository that is YouTube. Its parent company, Google, is known to rank pages with popular videos at or near the top of its search results.

Now that you know…

To present your brand in the best light possible, you need an explainer video of optimum quality. Yet many companies wrongfully think they can manage by themselves in producing explainer videos for themselves. Too often, the results are shoddy and unprofessional-looking.

If you want to make a deep impact, get the pros to produce your explainer videos. Many animation studios can effectively and efficiently convey your message through professionally made overview videos.


Having your explainer videos produced by these animation studios are not cheap! They may cost hundreds, even thousands. So, you have to look at the right place to get the videos done dirt cheap. Here are a few that cost starting at only $5. Yes… five dollars!

Animated Marketing Explainer Video That Promotes Company, Product or Services

Explainer Video Explainer Video

It explains how every day problem can be solved by your company/product/service, in a fun way. Get this explainer video now!

Elegant Marketing Explainer Video That Promotes Company, Product or Services

Explainer Video Explainer Video

Provides you with a simple yet elegant video that will PROMOTE your products or services. Get this explainer video now!

Stylish Kinetic Typography Marketing Explainer Video

Explainer Video Explainer Video

An impressive motion kinetic typography explainer video for your website, business, product, or service. Get this explainer video now!

Animated Explainer Video That Promotes Your Twitter Profile And Campaigns

Explainer Video Explainer Video

Presented with an adorable illustration and cute music, this video is a good strategy to attract visitors to become your Twitter followers. Get this explainer video now!

Unique Marketing/Branding Video That Promotes Your Company, Products or Services

Explainer Video

Perfect for online marketing, SEO companies & brand promotional agencies, this video is a perfect choice to promote your company, product, service or website. It tells visitor to stop searching because you have just what they’re looking for! Get this explainer video now!

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