Couple Holding HandsAny couple has the inalienable right to public displays of affection, especially holding hands. But when the pedestrian lanes are jammed with people, a couple should take time to rethink how they publicize their love.

So much as common sense would save you from appearing like an idiot and keep you out of people’s way while holding hands. There are two ways to go about this.

One of them is a classic maneuver; it never goes out of style. Simply clasp each other’s palms as you walk. Nobody takes a second look at this kind of handholding. But if the feelings are markedly stronger and you have been close for so long, go for fingers intertwined in each other. Anybody who chances upon your interlocked hands could only presume the longevity of your love for each other. This kind of handholding sends a signal to your paramour that you genuinely savor his or her presence.

Alternatively, you can use your thumbs and index fingers to make a heart shape as you walk; people are guaranteed to flip out at this sight. While the last suggestion is still up for further scrutiny, the following handholding methods should be avoided like the Black Death:

Solo Grip

At a glance this may look like the standard hold. Upon closer look, you’d see someone is losing grip, perhaps on the relationship itself. For sure only one is doing all the handholding, which defeats the purpose of this kind of PDA. Then again, it may be that this person is so imperious that his/her grip would always look one-sided. Reserve this kind of grip for walking your child to and from school.


Laugh now. This thing may be outlandish but some couples are really doing it, particularly in parks.  Holding both of your partner’s hands as you walk next to each other seems apt for the dancefloor, not the sidewalk.

Long Distance

Some couples think they’re the Williams and Kates of the pedestrian lane. They hold hands as if they’re subjecting people on the sidewalk to a spontaneous Limbo game. Worse yet, this kind of handholding often involves swinging, exacerbating things for pedestrians.

Besides, holding hands while pulling away from each other tells people your relationship is frosty, even though it is not. So much for publicizing your love…

Pinkie Hold

If you’re a man and the type to care so much about your masculinity, then avoid the pinkie hold. You would rather wear a pink shirt and clutch a poodle, don’t you? Having your woman hold your pinky could probably be the most emasculating type of affection to display in public. You’d rather have your palms sweat like a pig than put machismo on the line.

When you’re out of the sidewalk…

If you have found yourself settled on a bench or something, then by all means go all out in handholding. You may find yourself unable to, however, because it would be your first time.

If you make the first move and your partner does not hold back, ascertain if he or she is comfortable with your next attempt. If he or she completely pulls away, then take it to mean your partner is not prepared for handholding.

When you finally hold each other, don’t keep a tight grip. Leave some breathing space between your palms, unless it is cold. Also, remember to let go if your hands are sweating. In the same way, do not hold hands if yours is cold or clammy.

Lather your hands with lotion every day to prepare for possible handholding activities. Hand lotion would keep them soft. However don’t do it directly prior to handholding as it would only make your hands clammy.

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