The wonderful thing about photography is that the photographer has the freedom to present a photo as he/she sees the image; which includes things like, perspective, composition, and cropping.

You view the image THROUGH the photographer’s eye.

I’m a big nighttime person. And the cool thing about living in a city is that once the sun goes down, the sky becomes a black velvet backdrop for beautiful shades of amber; creating almost a ‘fiery’ glow through which all other city lights project.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the settings on my camera instead of using it in auto mode, so that I have more self-control.

As you know, nighttime shots are a challenge because there is such a drastic contrast between light and dark. You don’t always want to use a flash, but at the same time you also need to allow for enough exposure, so that you can capture the drama of nightlight.

Here are some photographs I took over the past two weeks of my favorite time of the day.


Please enjoy….

A view from my apartment window.

I took this shot on an evening when there was a misty fog rolling in.

An amber glow from the street.

A beautiful mural in a parking lot.

The Westbury Apartments. The entrance way of this building has been used in several films shot in Philadelphia.

The Wilma Theater on Broad Street. Notice the newlywed couple posing for photographs in the middle of the street.

I felt sooooo lucky to get this close-up shot of the wedding photographer taking photos of the newlyweds. They look so romantic, don’t they? And I LOVE her dress!

Have a picture perfect Monday!