Okay, I wish you could have seen my excited reaction when I opened the package that my blogging buddy, Chrissy, mailed me this past weekend.

You would have thought I had just discovered the secret to no more wrinkles without Botox.

I was utterly ecstatic!

Thank you, Chrissy…x

As most of you peeps already know, I ADORE squirrels.

Yeah, yeah…I know they can be devilish, pushy, somewhat disruptive, and very aggressive when it comes to stealing food from the birds, but hey…what does that tell you about me?

I’m devilish, pushy, somewhat disruptive, and aggressive when I’m HUNGRY too.

Anyway, all my life I’ve wanted TWO things.

1) A Barbie doll (which my blogging buddy, Peg, sent me in the mail earlier this year).

2) And a squirrel.

Now thanks to Peg and Chrissy…I have BOTH!

Allow me to introduce you to my new pet squirrel…Charles.

Isn’t he ADORABLE? And the cool thing about Charles is that he came with his own constant food supply. If you look real close, you can see that he’s eating one of my favorite foods…an APPLE!

Sunday we spent the day in the park; hanging out…

As soon as we got there, Charles tried to climb this tree. But alas, he couldn’t…because he suddenly realized that his nails were made of cardboard.

We discovered a baby pumpkin on the ground, so Charles begged me to take a photo of him posing by it.

Charles and I bonding

All the other squirrels in the park ran away when they saw Charles. Personally, I think it was because his exceedingly handsome looks intimidated them.

Either that, or they were FREAKED seeing a grown man in the park taking photos of a cardboard cutout of a squirrel.

After a long day running around within nature, Charles was dang tired. Here he is just after I tucked him into bed at 7 PM. Isn’t he cute?

Right after I snapped this photo, Charles BIT my lip.

Yup….isn’t the little motherfucker CUTE????