Children busy with gadgets
Technology has been a great help in every field you could think of. It made the travel of information faster, sped up the production, and developed new means for communication and transportation. Yes, technology has been a gift from God, IF you know how to use it RIGHT.

Technology is a double edged sword. It has brought us up and at the same time brings us down. Most teenagers nowadays abuse the use of technology, they thought they are the masters of their gadgets, sorry to burst your bubble but you are the slave, not a master.

Studies have shown that the competency of youths has been declining for quite some time now and they blame it to these modern technology gadgets. Also, the same is to blame with the increase of obesity in younger generations today. The more time you spend in front of these devices, the more inactive you are. You are so absorbed with what you are doing so you just ignore the more important activities like exercising, bonding with your family and friends and doing homework.

Drag your Kids away from Electronic Devices

Before anything gets worse, do something to prevent your kids from being addicted to electronic gadgets. Here are some tips you could do to keep them away from the shackles of technology without arguing with you:

1. Be a role model

You are older so you should know better. If your son or daughter sees that you spend more time watching T.V. than them, then you do not have the right to confiscate their gadgets and force them to do their home works. You have to watch what you do cause your kids will be observing your habits too. If you set a household screen time rules, then you have to follow them too.

2. Remind them when they are “bonding” too much with their gadgets

Keep track on how much your kids use their gadgets. Banning them completely will not be possible these days, which would only result to so much arguing and scolding so just get their attention when you think they are putting so much time with their electronic buddies. Tell them that reality is better than virtual reality.

3. Engage them in exercising and other physical activities

Having a healthy lifestyle involves being physically active. If he shows interest in sports, show him your support. You could also schedule a family exercise every other day. Go to the park and jog. Furthermore, you could try using modern technology in encouraging him to move more. Purchase exercise videos or active video game that are fun to do and can get his heart pumping.

4. Involve your kid in creating screen time rules

Establishing rules set limits on their usage of their electronic gadgets. Of course they would want to get involved in this. What if they do not agree with the time you set for watching T.V. then these rules would only be a reason of you and your kids fighting. You better create these rules as a family so you could all find a common ground.

5. Encourage your kids to socialize

Reality is way better than virtual reality. Ask him to bond with his friend on the mall or let him join social groups that would not only drag him away from his gadget but also would raise his awareness about certain topics in the society.

Life would be a disaster if you let yourself be a slave of modern technology. Nowadays, we cannot live without technology but make sure you limit yourself on its usage and use it in a right way. Technology can deprive you a healthy lifestyle and good education so you better be careful.

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