I have to admit, I have been as skeptical as anyone about the online buzz surrounding Zaggora HotPants. They’ve been on lots of daily deal websites and I’m sure many people have been tempted or snapped them up, but the only way to know for sure is to find out from people who’ve tried them. In fact, on the label they encourage people to share their stories so they must have a certain level of confidence in their product. Which is why I agreed to trial a pair of the HotPants 2.0 for The Style PA.

Look: The HotPants look very much like other workout trousers from afar, but closer up they are like wetsuit fabric. Mine were black with a neon coloured lining and logo. They were just longer than knee-length which was the style I usually would wear anyway.

Feel: They were a lot more comfortable than I expected and the fit was good. My body temperature did feel hotter and I felt a very slight tingle with the warmth. It wasn’t too uncomfortable though, and I did just over 2k to test them out. I did a few chores round the house so I was wearing them for a bit longer, and afterwards you could tell I’d worked out. Along with extra heat comes extra sweat of course, but again it’s not uncomfortable so if they work it’s worth it.

Cons: There was one major downside for me and that was that they are noisy. Because of the fabric, they make a ‘shwoosh’ sound when you walk or run in them which I was really conscious of. I decided to wear them underneath my normal workout trousers which stopped it from being noticeable.

Results: I really can’t say if there’s been any benefit from one test-run, so I’ll be using them at the gym and on a few more runs soon and will be sure to report back here. Here are the claims if you want to find out more and you can buy a pair here if you want to see for yourself.

Have you tried them? Have you seen any results?