Attention has been focused once again on how to calculate your BMI because of an  exclusive post published on Shine on March 23, 2011. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about how she was surprised to learn that her daughters’ BMI numbers were “creeping upwards.”

For those of you not aware of BMI, it stands for Body Mass Index. Many people use the term but really don’t know the meaning of it, nor how to calculate BMI.  BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. It is calculated by dividing body weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. That’s a lot of math! If you are seeking to learn how to calculate BMI, to make it easier, use TriVita’s online BMI calculator by clicking HERE.

  • Once on the page, click on “Body Mass Index.”
  • Enter your height (in feet and inches) and your weight (in pounds). The program will automatically calculate your BMI and explain the results.

It is considered by many health care professionals to be a reliable indicator of body fat for people. And, it’s also an inexpensive and easy-to-perform screening tool that may help indicate possible weight-related health problems.

Also, the relationship between the BMI number and body fat is fairly strong; however the correlation varies by sex, race and age.   When determining how to calculate BMI, Look for these variations:

  • At the same BMI, women tend to have more body fat then men
  • At the same BMI, older people on average have more body fat than younger adults
  • Highly trained athletes have a high BMI because of increased muscularity, instead of increased body fat.

Also, after you have figured out how to calculate BMI and your now know your number, If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you should seek ways to lower BMI using diet and exercise. A BMI reading over 30 indicates an unhealthy condition. You may be at risk for serious medical problems. A change in your diet and exercise program is strongly encouraged.

More and more people are seeking how to calculate BMI, and when wondering why this has started to become a problem, experts believe that rising rates of obesity among children and adults may be attributed to a combination of the following:

  • Increasingly sedentary activities such as:
  • Watching TV
  • Using a computer
  • Driving long distances (for example, commuting)
  • Working long hours at sedentary jobs
  • Conveniences which reduce physical activity (think “drive-through” banking)
  • Lack of safe playgrounds for children
  • Increased consumption of soft drinks and other “market-driven” factors that encourage overeating, such as:
    • Larger portion sizes in restaurants
    • Increased sizes of individual food items (such as soft drinks, candy bars, bagels)
    • Increased prevalence of vending machines
    • Greater number of food choices
    • Pervasive marketing of high-calorie foods
    • Marketing strategies that encourage ordering larger serving sizes
  • Emotional overeating, triggered by increased stress
  • Repeated dieting
  • Greater acceptance of obesity in certain cultural groups

Although a number of complex cultural and environmental factors contribute to the obesity epidemic, in the majority of cases, the equation is basic: too many calories consumed and too few calories expended (too little activity) leads to obesity.

If you came to this page seeking how to calculate BMI and you discover that your numbers reflect the need to manage your weight, try TriVita’s Leanology® Weight Loss System is designed to encourage people to achieve and maintain a healthful body weight by development of habits known to produce lifetime weight control.

Moreover, Leanology creates the best possible opportunity for true wellness by confirming the benefits of nutrients and nurturing for weight management and all of life’s challenges.

Take Control of Your Health

* Plan a balance of calories and activity for lifetime weight control
* Eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables daily:
o 5 for children
o 7 for women
o 9 for men
* Plan aerobic activity most days
* Do resistance training 2 to 5 times per week
* Supplement with Leanology to support the four stages of weight loss:
o Energy and Metabolism: Leanology Weight Loss Capsules help increase metabolism and energy to support your body’s ability to burn more calories at rest.
o Cortisol and Stress Management: Leanology Weight Loss Capsules help to limit cortisol production in your body; cortisol is the stress-induced hormone that can lead to abdominal fat.
o Appetite Control: Leanology Appetite Control Chews help reduce the natural hunger signals in your body to minimize cravings.
o Blood Sugar Control: Leanology Nutritional Shakes help your body use the nutrients you eat as energy, rather than storing them as fat.

I hope that this information has been helpful and I think it’s great that the First Lady has brought this to our attention again, because it’s something that is important for us as we strive to live healthier lives.

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