Sometime last year, one of my longtime blogging friends, Linda, asked me something in one of her comments that I’ve been meaning to post about, but have never gotten around to doing.

She asked (something to the effect), “Why is it that a lot straight women find it so easy to be open and free with gay men?”

And she’s not the first woman to ask me that question, because throughout my life other women have mentioned the same thing.

Now I can only answer that from a gay mans’ perspective by saying that I think one of the main reasons is simply because we’re gay, and there is a certain freedom in being more open when there is the absence of anything sexual.

I also think most gay men connect on a deep emotional level with women, therefore can relate to how a woman feels, so it makes it easy for us to communicate with one another.

As a gay man, I see and appreciate the beauty of women, both physically and intellectually. And that comes from place of being neutral. A place of utmost respect.

Most of my closest friends are women (both straight and gay). And ironically, straight men not gay men, because gay men will often experience the same sexual tension with other gay men that straight men and straight women sometimes do.

I’ve often heard many women say, “I enjoy having gay men friends because it’s like having a girl friend in a boy friend.”

So, maybe that’s it. That’s the reason.

Straight women and gay men friendships are like a sister-brotherhood in one.

It’s a bond like no other.

All I know, is that I adore women.

And am so grateful for the friendships I have with them.

Thank you, ladies!

Have a faaaaaabulous weekend everyone!