Berry-apple sauce and nuts
is an easy Paleo snack.

Adapting to their changing environment was essential for early humankind. Our ancestors learned how to fish, hunt and gather the foods they needed.

In today’s world there are fewer cavemen (which some females might disagree with) but a renewed interest in eating well (”eating good” in caveman parlance).

Going back to basics is a central theme in many successful lifestyle changes, and the Paleo diet has that at its core. With its focus on meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts, going Paleo provides a solid core for good nutrition.

But just as our caveman ancestors were able to adapt to changes in weather and new food possibilities, we too have options and opportunities to mesh our evolving lifestyle with a positive food legacy.

As noted by Darya Pino, food editor for Summer Tomato, “The evolutionary argument that humans are somehow mal-adapted to agriculture-based diets is particularly unconvincing”.

I suggest the “Paleo-Plus” food lifestyle, consistent with the Paleo diet’s philosophy and core foods, but with its hunting ground expanded to include small portions of other local natural foods.

My own awareness of the need to go Paleo-Plus came the first time I made myself a coffee. I am very much a triple-milk person when it comes to coffee, and the thought of going to black coffee just tasted wrong.

It can be hard getting away from cheese in North America and Europe, and ignoring the wide variety of healthy, low-fat yogurts just seems wrong. Similarly, sprinkling a few bran flakes on fruit is a great way to get the texture of cereal in a very small serving.

The key, as always, is moderation and being able to sustain a positive and practical food lifestyle.

I think even a caveman would agree.


Here's a tasty example of Paleo-Plus from my local Williams Coffee Pub: meat, veggies, nuts, fruit and yes, a bit of feta cheese.

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