When I was in my late teens my mother gave me a desk and a typewriter for Christmas.

And I remember her saying to me, “I got you these because I know you’re a writer.”

Funny, because I always knew I could express my feelings much clearer through written words, but never considered myself a writer.

And it’s also funny that I always knew I could freely communicate feelings and emotions onstage as an actor, but never considered myself an actor either.


Because up until that point I had no formal training.

Eventually, I got some formal training in both these things. But to be honest with you, it stifled my natural ability to write or act because I hadn’t learned how to use this training in the right way.

I have nothing against formal training, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my natural instincts. Formal training is only beneficial when I can use it without becoming too ridged or over-thinking it.

For me, writing is not about thinking. It’s about conveying my feelings; allowing words to paint them into an image. And that includes breaking rules and regulations when it comes to proper grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure.

Words are meant to be used as a creative tool.

And sometimes that means being formally irreverent.

I am usually drawn to writers who can make me forget that I’m even reading words, but rather sense who they are THROUGH their words.

Many people question their ability to write because they either hold it up against what proper writing should be, or believe that because they’re not getting paid to write, they are not a writer yet.

I once had an acting teacher say something that has affected my outlook on many things.

He said, “If you want to act, just DO IT. Because in the “doing” you will learn more than I can ever teach you. Don’t WAIT to be an actor, BE an actor.”

And he was right.

Having this blog has enabled me to develop my own style of self-expression. A place to paint.

It’s given my voice a freedom.

It’s given me a place to share my passion for words.

So, I would like to thank my mother for seeing something that I never did.

I am a writer.

Simply, because I write….

Wishing you a SUPER weekend everyone!
And for those of you in the U.S…..Happy 4th of July!