face-weight-lossFor all your efforts slimming down, your face fats are some of the most stubborn to burn. At times, chubby cheeks can spoil even the world’s most svelte body. In the same way, people are wont to notice weight loss in the face before anywhere else.

Bad news: you could not spot-reduce fats in the face any more you could those in your thighs, hips and gluts.

Good news: shedding a few pounds already goes a long way in your quest to lose a fat face.

More than just a frivolous cosmetic jaunt, losing weight in the face not only has stakes in your social reputation but also your healthy lifestyle. Outlined here are five ways to help you even out your mug’s bulges:

1. Lose 500 calories every day.

A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. So doing the math, you would need to reduce 500 calories every day to lose a pound each week.

Every day, burn 250 calories by exercising, and slash another 250 by dieting. If you faithfully stick to this weight loss plan, you would eventually get a big payback on your face, as well as your waistline.

It’s not difficult to chuck 250 calories from your diet. It can be as easy as swearing off snacks high in calories. But don’t crash diet, lest you want to decrease your metabolism.

To burn 250 calories in one day, you only need to perform an aerobic exercise, e.g. brisk walking or jogging, for 30 minutes.

2. Don’t forget weight training.

Your physical activity shouldn’t stop with aerobic or cardiovascular exercises though. You must undergo strength training to bring out those lean muscles, which are veritable incinerators for calories.

These tissues burn calories even when you’re sleeping. In fact, your metabolism is commensurate to how much lean muscle tissues you have in your body.

Lift weights, use exercise machines, or just take advantage of your body’s heaviness to strength-train. As your muscles grow, your mug would wax thinner. The skin on your face would also radiate vigor and youth.

3. Drink lots of water.

Water accounts for as much as five pounds of your weight gain. Eliminate this by imbibing at least nine glasses or 72 ounces of water a day.

You may ask why drink water when it adds to your weight. Simple: when your body is parched, it goes into DEFCON mode, thinking it must scrimp on releasing any moisture from the body. Bloating becomes a foregone conclusion then.

Be creative with drinking H20. You can get water from plenty of sources other than the tap, like sparkling lime water.

Of course, you can also get your water supply from fruits and vegetables. They offer glorious founts of H20. Furthermore, they are rich in fiber to make you just a little less hungry for food high in calories. Any sugar you get from them is negligible.

While coffee, tea, soda and juice may be great provenances of water, they are loaded with calories, defeating your purpose. In this view, avoid alcohol in all its incarnations because they dehydrate the body, compounding facial puffiness.

4. Increase your intake of calcium.

Several researches have vindicated calcium’s role in helping you lose face weight. Take at least 1,200 mg of calcium to better shed fats in your body. All the more if you’re female: you’d suffer from less PMS symptoms like bloating.

Calcium is ubiquitous in dairy products, from milk to cheese to yogurt to ice cream. Don’t refrain from fatty products altogether, for a little fat can sate an insatiable appetite.

5. Cut back on salt.

Sodium can make you bloat in the face, so keep your distance from processed foods, to say nothing of the salt shaker. Consume Chinese dishes sparingly, because they usually contain lots of soy sauce and other sodium-rich ingredients. Avoid for the same reason pretzels, chips and most canned soups.

Tip: strain canned tuna and other goods to drain away most of the sodium.

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