We get at a certain age when no matter how hard we exercise or no matter how strictly we impose a special diet regimen on ourselves, we just can’t seem to lose that unsightly muffin top or that annoying pot belly.  Sure, we’re losing some of our excess weight.  We may feel healthier and younger.  We may even feel that we’re looking better than others who are in the same age bracket.  But the fat just won’t go away.  With all the hard work and sacrifice, we expected our flab to dissolve faster, but nothing seems to work.

So once and for all, here are some helpful strategies on how best to burn that ever-present fat.

Be Realistic

  • You cannot just pick and choose which fat you want to lose.  You cannot just choose to get rid of the flab in your arms, or your muffin top, or your pot belly.  In order to succeed in burning your fat, you have to reduce your overall body fat, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • You have to be patient.  If you are diligent enough when it comes to your diet and exercise regimens, sooner or later your diligence will pay off.  You have to accept from the very beginning that there’s no easy fix to get rid of your flab.  Just give it some time and your flab will disappear little by little.  Even if your weight does not change, you will notice that your clothes fit differently.
  • Don’t expect to have the flab-free body you had when you were 20.   As you age, your skin loses elasticity which causes sagging of the skin.  This adds to the unsightliness of your flab.

Aging also causes a decline in our muscle mass and a slower metabolic rate.  This means that getting rid of the flab will definitely require more work than when you were younger.  Flab seems to be inevitable with age, but it can be avoided if you make a concentrated effort early enough.  If you’re already at that age when burning your excess fat becomes an uphill battle, it is still possible to reduce your fat, just be realistic with your expectations.  Just remember that prevention is the key.

Do More Cardio

Walking is always an excellent cardiovascular workout.  But the key factor is to pump up the pace in order to see results.  You can increase the number of days in a week that you do your routine or increase the number of hours in a day.  Another great strategy is to alternate bursts of intense and light activities.  For example, you can alternate walking and jogging every five minutes.  This way, you will burn more calories and fat.  Additionally, increasing the intensity of your workout also burns more calories and fat.

Remember that a good overall cardiovascular conditioning routine is vital to losing that flab.

Pump Your Muscles

Again, it’s important to remember that a full-body workout will be more effective than spot-reducing.  This way, you will be working all the major muscle groups, and not just a few, chosen, and flabby ones.

For beginners, it is always safer to get expert instruction from a trainer for the first few sessions.  A half hour of weight training three times a week is recommended.  For maintenance, once you have your flab under your control, two sessions of weight training per week should be sufficient.

While doing full-body weight training exercises, you can still focus on your flabby areas.  Doing bicycle kicks focuses the training on your oblique (abdominal) muscles to reduce your muffin top.  Doing oblique twists with the cable machine is another option.

You can also do some routines while you’re at home.  Hold a broom straight up over your head and lean to the right and then the left.  This routine focuses on your love handles.

Dumbbell kickbacks with hand weights target flabby upper arms.  Bend your upper arm at the elbow and place it parallel to the floor over a weight bench or any low bench.  Use your other arm to support your body.  Slowly extend your lower arm holding the weight until it is straight.  Repeat a few times and do the same with your other arm.

For women, you can maximize the fat burning by focusing on doing more reps rather than increasing the weight.  Twelve to fifteen repetitions per exercise is ideal.  Men on the other hand should increase the weight periodically and should aim for eight to 12 reps.

Crunch That Flab

Doing sit-ups or crunches, in itself, do not get rid of your abdominal fat.  It’s not entirely true that a thousand crunches will make you lose your flab.  What these abdominal exercises do is strengthen your abdominal muscles.  With enough work out, your tummy will have a better appearance.

Toning the muscles in your abdomen helps especially if your muffin top is the result of lack of abdominal exercises.  While crunches and reverse crunches help get rid of pot bellies.

Revise Your Diet

There is a little truth to some of the fat-burning food claims.  Certain foods do increase metabolism.  These foods include chili peppers, low-fat dairy, and dietary supplements. Click here to see studies on how capsicum burn up to 278 more calories than others.

The role of dietary foods in weight management is still under scrutiny.  In obese people, a study showed that diets with at least three servings of low-fat dairy products daily show an increased rate of weight loss and body fat loss compared to a diet with little dairy.

Being on a diet of fat-burning foods does not mean that you can eat whatever you want and still get rid of your flab.  To be effective, these fat-burning foods should be incorporated into a sensible diet of whole grains, lean protein, adequate fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water daily.

It does not work for everyone, but having more frequent meals but in smaller portions may also help you lose weight.  This also helps keep your energy levels up.

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