"It takes as much work to climb the wrong mountain as it does the right mountain," says Brian Warren, the Founder of KidsFest. In the same way that KidsFest helps low-income children achieve their full potential, each of us needs a reawakening, and a fresh commitment to truly living our lives.

In our busy world there is always a lot going on — not all of it good for us or in line with our personal goals and values. Living in a culture of plenty can open a lot of doors for exploration and personal fulfillment, but it can also be a source of distractions and confusion. Up close, as we scramble over boulders, different mountains can look a lot alike.

When in your day do you have a time for calm and quiet introspection? When is that "me time" for restful musing, when you can turn down the external and get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings?

Think of it as Purposeful Pausing.

Only three generations ago there was no TV and only one generation ago there was no Internet. More people lived outside of cities, and could easily connect with both nature and quiet moments. Grandma's rocking chair wasn't just for knitting — it was a place for understanding, planning and wisdom.

Nowadays, people rarely spend time sitting quietly. There is always a screen to look at, and a buzzing deluge of semi-interesting "other news", telling us things we rarely need to know, and trying to convince us to buy things we rarely need to have. While our global awareness has brought both benefits and obligations, the paths we each walk and the mountains we each climb still need to be the right ones.

It has almost become alien for us to sit quietly — to take the time to just be us, and to know our own thoughts.


One of the biggest problems with TV and the Internet is that they never let us get bored — we can hover just a breath above boredom, flipping the screen and chewing through our time.

Contrary to belief, It is actually good to experience boredom, because boredom is a powerful motivator. People don't stay bored very long — they find things to do, and thoughts to think.

The next time you are by yourself, alone with your TV or screen, try turning it off. Get comfortable and take some deep breaths. Relax and let your own thoughts reign. Just "be".

See what some quiet contemplation can do for you.  You'll be surprised what a bit of "me time" can bring.

When we pause and look around, life can come into perspective.
When we pause and know ourselves, we can distinguish our dreams from those around us.
When we pause and focus on the value of life, love and compassion come more easily.
When we pause and remember important moments, our goals become clearer.
When we pause and recognize the help we have received, we want to help others.
When we pause and are honest with ourselves, we can be more appreciative and forgiving.
When we pause and reflect, our time is better spent.

There is a lot of hard work required for life.  But there are friends, family and people to help.

Just make sure that you know your own goals — that you are climbing the right mountain.


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