Where do we all stand on the subject of designer beauty ranges? I can’t say as I’m convinced myself. In everything I buy I look for value, and beauty products are no exception. I’ve noticed more high end beauty ranges than ever… why are they successful?

My worry is that you pay a premium for the name, branding and packaging and that there isn’t necessarily the level of beauty expertise behind the ranges that there might be behind a non-designer range in the same price bracket. Excuse me if I’m being ignorant, but from the beauty therapists I’ve spoken to, I’ve always been told to steer clear of the fashion house brands and opt instead for names like Dermatologica and Elemis, or those brands that pride themselves on quality ingredients and rigorous testing.

The latest designer name to launch a beauty range is Burberry. Their collection will be exclusively available at Harrods from Monday 12 July and although I won’t be in the queue to spend my hard earned cash on it, I’m sure there are plenty of Burberry fans who can’t wait to add to their collection. It looks pretty, that’s a given, but the question is: Is it worth the money? I’m guessing no. Here’s what a certain person has to say about it…

“Burberry Beauty reflects the natural style and relaxed attitude of our iconic trench coat capturing the effortless elegance and individuality of the Burberry girl.” CHRISTOPHER BAILEY