Greener EarthAs you sit on your beautiful and sophisticated sofa, you may think how good life can be and how clean it maybe. However, spare sometime to see the toxic junk that have placed in the corner of your basement and garage. As we all know, those small scale of wastes that you see today probably will double or can be folded greater times in the future. Think about what your future seem likely would be without having any step to dispose it out appropriately. Reflect also the possibility of having a healthy life and cleaner environment and for the next generation.

It can be estimated to approximately 1.5 million tons of toxic wastes that can be accumulated in the U.S. per year on the household alone. How much more those other sources? These hazardous wastes that you dump in the basement and garage of your home will dramatically provide higher risks to your health and environment that you can likely be facing if you continue to ignore all these.

It is then your primary responsibility to clean it up to prevent generating these possible risks that eventually will be the biggest plaque that we are going to mug. Initiate moving now before it becomes too late. Live a healthy lifestyle and be part of the global deed promoting and saving our mother earth.

There are a lot of ways in order for your environment to become safe and your health to be invulnerable to illnesses. All you have to do is reflect unto yourself and be an element of the planet which encompasses the active participation in any programs upholding and preserving the purity of the environment. There are programs being imposed that highly concern on the environmental security which in fact your biggest opportunity to contribute and help saving the world.

Here are some simple yet vivid means to thwart the immense plaque. Consider these 3 P’s:

Planning For Green

Starting from your personal things like cellphones, computers and other appliances like refrigerators and freezers which do have particles that can damage the ozone layer further producing global warming, can be properly disposed through you noble planning and actions.

  • Contact your local electronic dealer and ask for help in proper disposal and/or recycling of your things.
  • You may ask for help with the department for sanitation regarding appropriate elimination of the unused and damaged appliances and gadgets.

How about those dirty oil from engines, pesticide sprayers, and those crusty paints that bulky lurking your basement? Instead of throwing it anywhere else usually in the drainage, why not put them inside the trash bin. It can be singled out that these oil and chemicals which are thrown through drainage can spill through several miles that may contaminate our land, water which eventually ingested back to you. Imagine how this one can of chemicals facades the risk of your health?

Immediate practical means:

  • Giving back your used motor batteries and oil to local agencies that aims on safer waste removal.
  • Bring these products to local sanitation department in order to be educated on how to aptly throw these hazardous wastes.
  • Help cleaning up your garage and eliminating toxic wastes by giving it to local authorities or someone who knows how to dispose it.

Planting Green

One strategy would be gardening. It is a great step towards safer life, cleaner environment and eating fresh nutritious harvest. Having a backyard garden would suffice in order to meet our goal and even give benefits to you as a grower.

Immediate practical means:

  • Growing gaura plants and alike which eats up insects and pests without using harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid eating pesticide-treated harvests.
  • Be responsible enough on getting rid of that household toxic garbage. Ask for help if having trouble disposing it out.
  • Avoid using chemicals to your raised plants instead; use non-harmful materials such as the use of welcome mat.
  • Do not use insecticide and other derivatives since this can imperil the environment and health.
  • Wash thoroughly products that have fine insect-bite rather than purposefully apply chemical sprayers.
  • Always provide necessary needs of the plants you grow like water. You may use the water wiggler to wash off mosquitoes-laying eggs.

Putting Out Emissions

The application of fertilizers contaminate the soil thus travels a lot which eventually putting your health at risk so as with environment. Therefore, this should be stopped from employing and proceed to some environmental-safe methods:

  • You may use organic fertilizers since these are less threatening yet profoundly effective.
  • Prior to planting, test first the soil for high nitrogen content. If yes, then don’t proceed tilling the soil.
  • If using fertilizers preferably organic or natural type, don’t use it before rain comes because rain can speed up spillage.

Aside from that, pesticides and herbicides are absurdly consumed providing greater risks to individuals’ especially younger ones.

Immediate practical means:

  • Consult local sanitation department or any local authorities regarding health hazards of using conventional pesticides and ask also about safer choices.
  • Provide space for few weeds to grow since these can’t spoil up plants or anyone.
  • Visit local nursery and discuss about environmental-friendly alternatives in growing plants.

Another source for inclination of pollution and the so called Greenhouse effect would be the overuse of gas-powered mowers. This greatly contributes to the immense affliction since it burns out about millions of barrels of gas per year.

Immediate practical means:

  • Use lawn clippings as fertilizers by putting it inside the compost pit rather than bringing it to landfills.
  • Instead of using gas-powered mowers, why not try using manual push or electrically operated lawn mower. This can technically helpful in the minimization of pollution.

With the practical methods and means aforementioned, it can be forecasted that life’s ahead can be good and ultimately enjoyable without being threatened by the unwieldy consequences if not taken some measures.

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