As most of you already know, I never watch TV. In fact, the only time I turn my television on is to view a DVD rental.

The last time I remember watching TV was when Golden Girls and Designing Women were still on.

Could you die??

Television has never really been one of my favorite mediums. I much prefer film and live theater.

Therefore, when it comes to knowing the current popular TV shows, I’m completely illiterate.

And just to tell you how bad I am….

I only this year watched Sex in the City, Will and Grace, and Six Feet Under.

For the past few years I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about reality shows, but have never had any interest in watching them because I automatically assumed they would be stupid-ass.

Last week while I was in the Philadelphia Public Library, I spotting a DVD on the shelf entitled Project Runway (it was the complete first season). I rented it thinking it was a documentary series about the lives of runway models in the fashion industry. I don’t know whether any of you have ever seen it, but it’s a Bravo series in which 16 new clothing designers compete for a big break in the fashion industry.

Well, let me tell you folks….

Once I started watching it, I couldn’t stop. It drew me in so fast that I was riveted to my television for all 509 minutes. I started watching it Sunday evening and had to pry myself away from it in order to go to bed. The first thing I did Monday morning was brew a beaker of French pressed coffee and sat there for hours, watching the remainder of the first season. I was on pins and zippers waiting to see who was going to be the winning designer at NY Fashion Week.

Now, for however much I enjoyed it, I need to say that for a “reality” show I believe much of it was edited for dramatic purposes. There were certain instances when I could tell that the contestants were being prompted to “react” a certain way. In fact, there was one contestant who I felt that her nasty, competitive persona was strategically created to induce more friction between the other contestants.

But hey….that’s show biz, ya know? DRAMA works!

And even though I knew parts of the show were obviously contrived, I was willing to go for the ride because it was truly awesome entertainment.

While viewing this series, I was reminiscent of my seven years spent in fashion industry when I was one of the most sought-after male runway models at the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City, back in the early 80’s. So, I went through my portfolio photos and thought I’d share one of favorite catwalk moments with you.

This was taking during a swimsuit runway show for Gianni Versace….

Now…’s that for contrived REALITY?
“One day you’re in….and the next day you’re out” ~ Heidi Klum