I’d never had my eyebrows threaded until this week. I didn’t really get it, and I suppose you don’t unless you watch and see how it’s done. There have been mixed reactions from people I know who’ve had it done. Some say it hurts like hell, and others say it is 10 times easier than plucking. My verdict is that it was a little painful, but over so much quicker than tweezing and with a better finish too. Ever since I got my fringe I’ve been neglecting the brows, but in future I might look into paying someone else to tidy them up for me using the threading technique.

I also got my nails painted. I chose a very dark plum/black colour. I wanted grey but they didn’t have any so I reckoned this was the next best thing to go with an Autumn wardrobe.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Warehouse for their press preview (where I managed to try out these extra perks) Stay tuned for pics of their fab Christmas collection. Think beading, studding, Warrior Princess embellishment and shoulder detailing.