A few nights ago I was sitting at this computer and thinking about the awesome people who stop by here and how much I enjoy communicating with all of you.

I feel so freakin’ blessed sharing with the BEST of the BEST people.

And the thing I enjoy most of all, is that everyone who comes here is uniquely different.

I’ve never been someone who only enjoys surrounding myself with people who have the same interests. I would much rather be surrounded with a potpourri of people from all walks of life, occupations, talents, interests and beliefs, because it takes me outside of myself; viewing the world through someone else’s experiences.

Sure, it’s fun to be with like-minded people sometimes, but I find it much more interesting to be with unlike-minded people.

We as bloggers spend a great deal of time getting to know one another by sharing our lives through words and images on posts, and then responding to them through something called comments.

I’ve realized over these past four years, it’s not how many comments I receive on a post, but rather the quality of communication within the comment because this is where our relationships are formed.

And for this I want to thank you, because you all give of yourselves with a tremendous amount of quality when commenting.

And I’m not talking about the amount of words you use, but rather the amount of energy you place behind the words.

Because I can feel it.

And it feels great.

So, thank you everyone.

For being the coolest, nicest, open, sharing, and unique bunch of people in blogland.

You make my blogging experience….the BEST!