How To Cure Vertigo – Is Your World is Spinning and You’re Looking to Make it Stop?

There are two times when your world will spin: When you are in love, and when you have vertigo! Since there is no cure for being in love, the information here will help you to figure out how to cure vertigo.

Benign vertigo
When people are seeking how to cure vertigo, they should know that vertigo is not usually a sign of a serious disease. It is typically transient (it comes and goes) and resolves on its own without medical care. The most common cause is an upper respiratory infection such as a sinus infection. So it’s probably a great relief to those seeking how to cure vertigo to find out it may be benign vertigo.  Most people who suffer with vertigo learn instinctively to sit up slowly and avoid quick movements of the head.

If benign vertigo is associated with allergies, Vitamin C is in my personal opinion an absolutely awesome antihistamine. Using the Vitamin C flush* will often bring relief from signs and symptoms of allergies. If the vertigo is associated with bronchial or sinus congestion, adding TriVita’s Breathe Easy formula to your supplement regimen can help.  So if you’re seeking how to cure vertigo, try some of these ideas and see if it will work for you.

Breathe Easy works by drying out excessive mucous, and thinning normal body fluids. This is important because one of the causes of vertigo is abnormal movement of the fluid and crystals in the inner ear.

Dangerous vertigo
Those seeking how to cure vertigo need also take into consideration that dizziness may also be a sign of serious trouble. It can follow a head trauma, or be a symptom of a tumor or clogged arteries in the head. Vertigo with hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may be a symptom of Meniere’s disease. Don’t just look on the internet trying to find out how to cure vertigo – see your healthcare provider if vertigo persists.

Head trauma and clogged arteries require medical intervention. These conditions also require extra nutrients called antioxidants. An antioxidant is a special nutrient that reduces oxidation. Oxidation can be likened to rust in your blood vessels, brain and inner ear. One family of antioxidants has a special affinity for the tiny blood vessels in the frontal lobe of the brain, the inner ear and the eyes. These antioxidants are found in TriVita’s VisionGuard.

Another consideration for those seeking how to cure vertigo is that a certain type of tumor called an acoustic neuroma may cause vertigo. These are rare tumors, but the incidence of acoustic neuroma seems to increase with cell phone usage. The evidence for this link is weak but troubling. Certainly, we should take appropriate precautions when using cell phones while scientists further investigate the link between cell phones and acoustic neuromas.

Meniere’s disease
If you’re seeking how to cure vertigo and the above does not apply to you, an extremely persistent type of vertigo is Meniere’s disease. It is vertigo associated with ringing or buzzing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss. Meniere’s is a progressive disease. Trauma, toxins, infections and other causes may trigger Meniere’s. Rapid medical intervention is needed to determine the exact cause of this condition. When the cause is removed the condition may improve.

Unfortunately, damaged nerves heal slowly. Vitamin B-12 may help speed the repair of damaged nerves. Certainly, the antioxidant remedies mentioned above may add to the health of the blood vessels in the inner ear.

Learning to listen
The English language contains over 400,000 words (though most of us use merely 15,000 to 35,000). Our bodies – wonderfully complex and intricate – have only a few dozen “words” in the form of signs and symptoms with which to “speak” to us. Vertigo is one form of communication that indicates distress. Don’t just try to find out on your own how to cure vertigo.  Always consult a qualified health professional that knows the language of the human body.

*Please check with your healthcare provider before starting the Vitamin C Flush.

Take Control of Your Health

* When seeking how to cure vertigo, if it’s associated with:
o Allergies – take Vitamin C
o Head cold – take Breathe Easy
o Circulation – take VisionGuard
o Meniere’s – take Vitamin B-12 plus all of the above

* Again – very important – when seeking how to cure vertigo, see your doctor to determine the cause of vertigo!

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