I know after posting this all the Hello Kitty fans will come out of the woodwork, crucifying me in comments and most likely report my blog to the Hello Kitty Police Department.

Oh, well.

I thinks it’s odd that for someone who loves cats as much as I do, has an utter disdain for all things HELLO KITTY.

My anti-love affair with Hello Kitty all started when I had a job working in a gift shop and was assigned to the Hello Kitty section of the store.

You have no idea how insane it made me to have to stock and organize the plethora of Hello Kitty Shit…oh, pardon me fans….merchandise.

We sold Hello Kitty pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, diaries, key chains, earrings, and necklaces. I’m surprised we didn’t have an adult section with Hello Kitty Condoms.

Anyway, since then I’ve noticed that the Kitty Empire has expanded it’s merchandise to an even bigger audience. Saturday afternoon I decided to surf the web by googling Hello Kitty, and almost DIED from Kitty overload.

Here are a few items I couldn’t resist sharing with you…..

Couldn’t you just see this item sitting amongst all your stainless steel William-Sonoma kitchen appliances?

I put this one on my Christmas Wish List, so if any of you would like to purchase this for me, please feel free to contact me via email and I will send you my mailing address. I’m thinking that perhaps this is a Kitty Mac?

And isn’t this item a must-have? I guess it’s for those fans who want to design a Hello Kitty Couture line.

I find cell phones painful to begin with, so this item made me feel as though someone had just grabbed my testicles and twisted them into a pretzel knot.

Now this one is interesting. A Hello Kitty tail pipe for your car. I think this one should come with a license plate that says, I-H8-KITTY

However, I did find one item that may change my opinion about “certain things” Hello Kitty….