One part photographer, One part storyteller, Two parts old soul….

It’s only been recently I discovered Penny’s blog. She was kind enough to stop by and introduce herself to me, and since then I’ve become a big fan of hers.

For a blog with the name Picture Imperfect, every single photograph I’ve ever seen…is pure perfection.

I’ve always admired people who are talented with a camera. Yet, it’s not only Penny’s ability to capture the most breathtakingly beautiful images, but also her gift for surrounding those images with enlightening dialogue.

It’s almost as if the images she captures speak to her/us about how to view life.

Her blog has an uplifting quality.

I always feel blessed when I visit; taking with me something special.

So, it is with great pride and pleasure that introduce you to the talented lady behind the blog, Picture Imperfect.

Welcome Penny…..

When did your love of photography begin?

I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a kid. I can’t remember what my first camera was, or the first picture I ever captured; that’s how many there have been of both over the years. I really started to work at learning some of the more technical aspects over the last three years and my love has grown with my knowledge. It started with my second or third point and shoot digital camera. I realized how much I loved capturing that almost perfect shot and how rewarding it was to go out and practice different techniques out in the bush and on the side of the road. Since then, the photo treks have gotten more adventurous and I think my skill has developed too. The ultimate reward!

Are you self-taught or have you had some form of education?

I am a hybrid of both, actually. I haven’t ever taken a class. And to be honest, I’ve never even looked at a photography magazine or book. It is on my list of things to do this winter, though. The only reading I’ve done is all of my camera manuals, from cover to cover.

I have a couple of friends who I really like to go out and take pictures with, and I learn lots from them. We share our ideas and techniques and talk about different equipment and options. I learn vast amounts from talking with people I’ve met in various forums on the internet, as well. I try to always be open to constructive criticism – I welcome it, in fact – and it has helped me to learn from a variety of different sources.

How has having a blog enriched your enjoyment of photography?

One of my favorite things about photography is that it enables me to share with others the beauty that I see on a daily basis. My blog has provided me with a forum to share with a wide range of people who I would probably never meet in any other way. I really like my blog and have fun choosing photos and writing my commentary. I love having the creative outlet and a spot that is all mine.

I’ve noticed your photography is primarily focused on nature. Why is that?

It’s abundant and I don’t have to go far to find it! J I live in the Yukon, which is in Northwestern Canada for anyone who might not know. The wilderness is vast and varied and there are comparatively few people around.

On a more personal note, I feel really at home when I’m photographing nature. I have spent a large part of my life outdoors and feel more relaxed in the company of grizzly bears on a riverbank than I do at large social gatherings. Since I am always so impressed by nature, I want to share it with people! I get so excited to get a good bear shot or a neat capture of leaves or a waterfall; there are just so many options and possibilities in nature.

What kind of camera do you use?

It’s a Canon, and that’s all I can tell you without looking at it. I can never remember the name of it. Ok, so here it is… I shoot with a Canon SX1 IS. It’s strange that I never remember the model name because I LOVE this camera. It does everything (almost) that I want it to do, and even though it is still in the “point and shoot” category it is a really great camera. I would love to have a DSLR someday with fancy interchangeable lenses and all those goodies. For now I’m happy with what I’ve got and still learning more about it every day.

Do you have any specific goals with your photography?

My dream is to have photographs in galleries all over the world and to be famous and in demand for my work! My actual plans are a little less lofty than that though. I hope to work on shooting things other than nature, mostly just to develop the skill. I almost never shoot photos of people, and almost never take any shots indoors anywhere. So, one of my goals is just to improve on the aspects of photography that I haven’t explored very much yet.

What inspires you to take a picture of something?

There could be a thousand things, all in one picture. I think most often the thing that catches my eye is lighting. When the sunlight filters through leaves on the trees, or makes big shadows on the mountains from the clouds, I really can’t resist at least trying to get the shot.

When I see wildlife, my first thought is to start firing. Wildlife is inspiration enough in itself!

On a more personal level, I feel like I need to take pictures as much as I need to eat! The inspiration and the need to photograph is more like a nagging thought in my brain, that gets louder and louder the longer I go without pushing the shutter button!

When you look through the lens of the camera, what do you see?

When I look through the lens of the camera, I see a challenge and unlimited possibilities for ways to meet that challenge. The challenge is to capture what is in front of me with my own style and personality attached to it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to get that end result, and those are the times when I feel that I can see what I’m really made of, so to speak.

I have documented most of my life through the lens of a camera – I could give you a detailed accounting on everywhere I’ve been over the last five years and it would be just from the pictures. So, I guess more and more I see the pages of my life story on the other side of the lens. I feel very blessed to be able to provide all of my own illustrations……

Please Note: Penny will be responding to all comments on this post, so please feel free to talk with her – thank you.