I don’t know whether it’s because Dianne is originally from Brooklyn, New York and that I happen to love the frankness and directness of New Yorkers, or that I am in awe of her amazing gift for writing both real-life and fictional stories. But I love her. If I were to describe Dianne’s blog, I would have to say it’s a life blog. She shares everything from her strong opinions on politics, to hysterical pictorial stories of her cats Siren and Mia, Wordzzles, and most recently, the birth of her grandchild, Hope.

The thing I most admire about Dianne is that she’s diplomatic in sharing her opinions. She allows her readers to also share their own, without ever getting defensive or ugly. She has a razor-sharp mind and a hysterical sense of humor to go with it. She also has one of the most giving and compassionate hearts.

So, without further ado let’s meet the lady behind the blog, Fork Off The Moment.

Welcome Dianne…..

Why did you start blogging?

I was part of a forum devoted to discussing all things Craig Ferguson and my entries started to get, even in my own opinion, long winded and off topic. I enjoyed the reaction to what I had to say so I decided to start a blog where it was all mine.

This was also at the same time that my interest in writing and photography was renewed. I was feeling depressed and lost and wanted to feel more creative. The blog’s name came from something the shrink said about my needing to stay in the moment and my laughing about all the forks my mind takes – Hence ‘Forks Off The Moment’

Has your feelings about blogging changed over the years? And if so, in what way?

I’ve only been blogging for 2 years. 2 years this month so I’m still relatively new. I think the biggest change has been my adopting the ‘Blogging Without Obligation’ concept. I used to feel I had to respond to every comment, post every day, visit everyone. It’s not possible unless it’s all you do.

I have also become very anti awards and memes. More obligations. I participate in some photo and pet projects but I don’t accept being tagged for anything and I stopped passing on awards. I’d rather try and visit everyone who has posted a photo on Ruby Tuesday. Or try to visit and encourage a new blogger.

Do you write for you or your readers?

I always hope to make my readers laugh or feel or see something in a new way. When I read a comment that tells me I made their morning by making them laugh I feel great. So I guess the way I write has my readers in mind. Your reaction to my Pet Pride posts is a perfect example. It is a joy that you enjoy them so much.

My subjects are all me. My opinions are what they are. My cussing is what it is.

I have an eclectic readership so I do sometimes pause for a moment and think of who doesn’t like cursing or who feels strongly about something I’m about to mock but in the end I say what I feel and think.

I feel we all need to do that.

What are your feelings on organized religion?

It causes way too much trouble. It divides. It encourages judgments based on one and only one way of thinking. It was designed to control people. The Bible is a lovely piece of literature abused by people for their own agendas.

Right now the political ramifications of religion scare the hell out of me. To think that the Mormon church and the Knights of Columbus could cause Prop 8 in CA disgusts me.

Our founders guaranteed freedom from persecution based on religion and that is where any connection between church and state should end. I don’t think prayer belongs at a government function, I don’t think the President or judges or any official should be sworn in on a Bible.

They should be sworn in on the Constitution. And maybe a book about how to behave in public.

Do you think we’ll ever see a female president in the White House?

If it’s going to be Sarah Palin or anyone like her then I hope NOT!!!

Good Lord that woman set female politicians back. And the fact that women supported her simply because she was a woman is pathetic. She and her ilk are so anti-woman.

I do hope a woman becomes President one day. And an atheist. And a gay person. And anyone qualified to lead and inspire based on brains and heart and soul.

At this moment I fear we’re headed back toward a time of miserable old white men with shit for brains and even less in their hearts and souls.

If you were elected President of the United States, what is the first thing you would like to change?

I’d like to stop how hard it is to get simple things done.

President Clinton and President Carter have both stated many times that they have made a more positive impact on people in the private sector than they ever did as President! And that’s absurd.

Right now we have the resources to feed everyone in the world. To stop malaria with a freaking $10 net. To stop AIDS. To build houses. And on and on.

Right now we have a President with a good heart and an open soul and an even more open mind. And he has to spend his days justifying and explaining common sense to assholes with TV shows. I would say screw it! I might be a one term President and I might piss off my own party but damn if I wouldn’t get stuff done.

What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

If you had asked that question a few years ago I would have said people thought I was stronger than I am. Today I have so many misconceptions of my own about me that I’m not sure. I do think I come off as tougher than I am but even that façade seems to be fading.

Tell us one thing you enjoy and do not enjoy about aging.

The absolute joy of getting older is that you don’t sweat small stuff. Things that might have seemed a drama at 30 are laughable at 50. And you care less about what other people think of you.

I think physical limitations are the worst of aging. That and the fact that our society doesn’t seem to respect experience the way it should.

Many people feel that having a child interracially places a life-long hardship on them. Please tell us how you feel about that.

I think anyone who is “different” has some hardship to carry. We need to see people in broader strokes. My son suffered terrible insults as a child. People would ask why his Mom was white. He was called names. He also became an exceptionally tolerant and open hearted person, much as Obama did. And that’s one way to turn a hardship around. We can’t and shouldn’t help who we love and who we have a family with. I think a lot of those who see being multi racial or gay or autistic or deaf or whatever as a “hardship” are really just voicing their own inability to accept people as they are.

How has Hope enriched your life?

There is a wonderful sense of circle of life! LOL

I hear my son say something to Hope that I used to say to him and the joy is huge. I hear my Nana coming through as well.

It’s our way of being immortal isn’t it? Having some of our heart and soul continue on …

Note: Dianne will be responding to all comments on this post, so please feel free to talk with her. Thank you!

Photos: Dianne and her son Jeff, her granddaughter Hope.